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D.T. for Tuesday

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I wasnt sure if anyone could start this thread but thought I would give it a shot. Our long weekend was very uneventfull really. My hubby so tired from working two weeks straight.

I found out though that I am accepted for the upgrading course I wanted to take and will start next week. I am looking forward to that. I have been kind of bored being at home all the time. I dont have any small kids here anymore (except my cats of course) so I feel the need to get back out there.Anyway everyone have a good day.
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Elinor congratulations! that is wonderful news! :flash:

I had a great weekend with my dad.

Donna & 3LK, my dad got my cattio in!!! I knew he could do it! So far though the kitties haven't gotten in it. They are spending all of their time on the new cat tree. I know that they'll discover it soon enough.

well back to work but at least it's a short week!
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oh ya! finally got to see Rush Hour 2. It was pretty good. If you liked the first one I would recommend it.
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Elinor; You did a great job starting a DT! Good luck with your course. I completed (successfully I think) the first "challenge" from the web course I am taking on how to create and animate and add music to original e-mail backgrounds and signatures. It is interesting, but a little complicated. There is a whole new "language" Webbies use to describe techniques and I am not yet familar with all of it. . . .:homer: AP; I am so glad the "cattio" is in. I'm sure Cracker and Barrel will love it as much as they love the new cat tree. :pinky:
Let's not forget BBII tonite AND Wed. and Thurs. (they are screwing with the times again though!) I think it is 8:00, 7:00, 8:00 or is it 7:00, 8:00, 7:00 Somebody help me out here. . . . . . .
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I had a dr appointment today. They did an exam, I'm only a fingertip dilated, but she could get me to go to 2 cm. She said that was good, that my cervix is pliable, so it's ready. She also said my water bag is bulging right there. She told me that in some woman, stretching the cervix helped kicked off labor, which I'm begginning to think it may have done. My body is starting to work, but I haven't had any major contractions. I'm hoping this is it. But ya never know with babies I guess! Hopefully the next time I post I'm holding my baby!
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Well, the in-laws finally left so the house is my own again. I like them and all, they aren't terrible or pushy or anything. I just felt really crowded and not appreciated (small apartment, 4 adults, a child and 2 cats). Plus, I am not a housekeeper and mum-in-law kept telling me these stories about ladies she knew who used to have badly kept houses until they found a support group or got on anti-depressants and now their houses are spotless. Problem is, it's not that I'm disorganized, it's that I really think 15 minutes a day of housekeeping is 15 minutes too many. If I was more organized, I still wouldn't use the extra time for doing housework! Oh well.

We also had a little guest this weekend. His name is TJ and he's a gray tabby who looks just like our Sparky. We heard him crying in the bushes on Friday night and since it was so wet and stormy out we took him inside. Both our cats adjusted to him very well. I know who his owner is and I knew they were gone for the weekend, but my daughter was pretty bummed when we had to give him back last night.

Sparky was failing for a few days and we were pretty worried. But once everyone else was gone and I could give him personal attention, he's back to normal. He's still a little skinny, but he is eating regularly and crying for attention. He also enjoyed playing with TJ, so I may ask if he can visit now and then - it gives Blackie a break!
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I know how hard this last stage of pregnancy can be, and the waiting is just murder. I hope you get to meet that beautiful baby soon!

Today was a good day. The kids and I went to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) this morning, and it was wonderful as usual. I love the support this group provides for me, and the kids have a great time learning about God too. Tomorrow morning we're starting our Wednesday morning ladie's Bible study, we I'm looking forward to that too.

I also gave the abandoned kitty to a friend of mine from church. Turns out she was planning on taking it before I took her home. She went up to the church on Sunday only an hour and half after I got her. But I had sent an e-mail to the church explaining that I had her, so she was able to come get her today. I wouldn't have taken her if I had known that Jan was coming to get her, but no one I talked to had any idea what was going on with the cat. This way at least I know that the cat is doing well.

Also, my tax rebate came today, and I already deposited it! Tonight my husband is brining home my new dryer, so I won't have to be hanging my clothes on the swingset anymore! Also, with the money left over, we can pay off the loan on my car that we had to take out when Doug got layed off. We're finally getting back on track! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to doing laundry with a dryer that doesn't leave rust stains on my clothes!

All in all, a pretty good day.
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Elinor!!!!!! I am so glad you got accepted for the course!!

And Kezzer.....I am SO excited for you!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear the news!!!

And congrats on the new dryer, Dawn!

Sounds like everyone had a great day!!!

Mine was okay....HATED going back to work, after a three day weekend! :laughing:
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Thanks to all for the congrats. And Congrats to you too TLK for your completion of your first challenge. It sounds very interesting.
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Well, I'm still around. My contractions are coming and going whenever they feel like it. Just as they seem to start picking up and getting strong they stop for awhile. Hopefully I won't have more than a few days, and if I'm really lucky my body will decide it's really time and kick into motion the right way.
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