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Hope for cats who don't like to be brushed

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Sam has very thick long hair, with a dense undercoat and long long top coat. He hates being brushed, its the only time he turns into a growling hissing maniac. And he often hacks up hairballs.

Bailey also has very long hair, but its soft and silky. And I think she sheds even more than Sam, and she loves being groomed, just adores it, rolls around on the floor, can't get enough.

I started trying to bribe Sam with treats. I figured that as long as he was busy eating, he couldn't complain, and I could get a few licks in with the brush. (I use a Zoom Groom). So our regular routine, for months on end, has been, sit in the same spot in the hallway, brush in one hand, tin of treats on the floor beside me, and I start with Bailey. Then, when she is done, its Sam's turn, a handful of treats I give him one at a time, with the occasional one to Bailey so she doesn't feel jealous.

About two days ago, Sam apparently decided that the grooming may be worth the reward. He stalks around while I brush Bailey, and has started actually asking to be brushed! He still doesn't like it, but he lets me brush him for several minutes at a time now, and when he's had enough, just walks away, with out the growling and hissing and biting. I still ply him with treats, that's part of the deal, but I am just so amazed that after more than a year, the work I have been doing to change this behaviour has paid off.
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Congrats. your hard work has been rewarded. It must have taken some patience.
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Hooray! This is exactly what I did with my two kitties, but luckily, they took to it very well. They chase me around the house when I get home from work until I comb them. Then they know they are getting a treat afterwards.
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I think that the routine aspect is really important, like, you come home from work, comb them, then the treat. With mine, the only time I sit with them in that specific spot is to brush them and give them the one particular treat that goes with brushing. They don't ever get that treat unless they are being brushed.
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Great idea. I have to brush Em when he's sleepy just so I can get a good session in. Yesterday I got 2 zoom groom brushes full of his hair!!!!

He's heading to the groomers tomorrow.....thinking of shaving him down.....not to sure about that yet.
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