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A very long day!!!!!

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I knew it the second I woke up this morning that it was gonna be a long day. I dragged my butt out of bed, after not getting enough sleeping due to a crying kitten. I showered and headed off to work. Many thanks to my mom for making me a lunch today

I got in at 7am I told the girls I share my desk area with that it was going to be a long day.

Now it is 1:46 and I'm on lunch, even that is taking forever, we all know how lunch time flies by.

15 mins and back to my desk. At least I only have an hour left once I get there. Going to try and find easy stuff to work on, I don't think my brain can take too much of this day.

Story about the crying kitten:

I bought Emmett one of those Freshflow fountains for his bday when I was in Toronto last week. (His bday is the 7th) Well now I'm trying to break him of the habit of drinking from the bathtub tap and using the fountain. He'll cry at the bathroom door, I take him down to the fountain and plop hin in front of it, he'll play in it for awhile, drink a few drops. Then he's up crying at the bathroom door again.

Finally when I went to take my shower he was in there like a flash. I turned the sink tap on and he drank like crazy then while I was in the shower I peaked out to see him sleeping on the floor in the bathroom

Any suggestions on getting him to drink from the fountain would be great. I really want him using that instead of the bathroom.

Still 9 minutes before lunch break is over!!! ::censor::censor::censor::
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Can you put the fountain in the shower until he gets used to it? He may still want to drink from the place he is used to finding water.
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That makes sense - Loki refuses to drink in the kitchen (go figure - he will eat there) but only in the bathroom so I put his fountain there and no problem.
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Interesting idea. We have a small bathroom but its worth a try.
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Good luck with the drinking fountain. It seems the only way to try.
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We have a drinking fountain and the boys still drink out of the sink in the morning. go figure..
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I'll have to try that in my bathroom too as neither of my boys will drink in the kitchen only the bathroom.
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