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I can't believe I didn't think of this!

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As some of you may know I have been thinking of switching Dori's litter because of her allergies. I use Fresh Step scoopable. I have been doing some research on World's Best Cat Litter and think I am going to try it. Well I was on their website and noticed one of the signs of a cat not liking their litter is that they run out of the box! Oh my gosh!!! Everytime Dori goes into her litter box and she finishes she runs away really fast and hides in the closet. I thought this was soooo funny and even posted about how funny it was because I thought she was scared of her own poop!!! But now I am thinking that since the Fresh Step is so dusty, she is probably running away from the dust. She is a very clean cat and always covers. She is almost 1 and 1/2 and I have always used this litter and she has always run away. I feel so guilty now. Why didn't I check into this before She might be running because it makes her sick to breathe it in. When I took her to the vet they said it was an allergy causing her to breathe funny and I just assumed pollen, and just the other day laughed at her for running in the closet after she went. I am so dumb, who ever heard of a cat being scared of poops anyway? Argh, I am so disappointed, I could have been laughing at my poor babies sign that the litter was causing her problems. I feel so terrible. I am going to go and change her litter tonight.

Sorry for the rant but I feel awful now I hope she can forgive me.
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It's funny you say that. I'm keeping an eye on Sophie as well because when she digs at the litter she's sneezed a couple of times, and i've thought could it be dusty?!.

Don't feel guilty though for laughing. If anything you've learnt something about why Dori may have problems breathing.
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Well, to make it worse, I have to turn MY head away from the litter when I pour it in because I can't stand breathing in the dust, but I figured it was just the way cat litter was. I never had a cat before and ...... well just thought that's the way it was.
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I know what you mean. Even though i pour it slowly its still dusty!.

I've tried everything from recycled paper litter, crystals, and wood pellets but i do prefer the clumping best.

But if this is the problem for Dori it might well be worth having a change.
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I went to Petsmart last night and bought the World's Best cat litter. Was I shocked at the price It cost $18.99. But, if it helps Dori's allergies it's money well spent. I decided I should mix some of it with her current Fresh Step so that she can get a little used to it. She got right into the box when I sprinkled it in and then jumped out quickly. I mixed it in with the old and she seemed ok. I am going to mix it like that for a few days to let her get used to it. It is really different than the Fresh Step and she has used that her whole life. What I thought was funny was the smell. I swear, and my boyfriend laughed at me for this, but it smells like Grape-Nuts. I eat that for breakfast
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Grape Nuts?? My friend and I went through a list of different things it smelled like to us (from dog food to small animal bedding), but all we could be sure of was that it smelled like a pet supply store. Well, it doesn't quite smell like corn to anyone I've talked to, anyway

We just buy World's Best from PetFoodDirect in 34 pound bags for $32.99. Sometimes they have 30 pounds of free shipping, which is quite nice. We used to get 7 pound cartons of clumping clay very cheaply, but World's Best is more than worth it IMO, and neither of our cats had any obvious problems with the clay. It's a lot easier on us too, with great odor control and firmer clumping.

We used to laugh at Kitty for trying to bury around the litter (usually the carpet or walls), too We also didn't know this was a symptom of a problem. Since we got him a bigger container to use as a litterbox and switched to World's Best, he's been digging the litter a lot more, although he doesn't seem to know how to aim his digging and still digs around it often.

I'm sure Dori's too nice to have a grudge!
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I can't stand out dusty that stuff gets. It was even making me sneeze. Best so far is Feline Pine. No dust, no oder, and no chemicals!!!

I recommend it highly!
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I've thought about using Feline Pine, actually, but I prefer World's Best because of the clumping. BTW, some people are paranoid and think Feline Pine's processing doesn't get all the irritants?? o.O

Anyway, World's Best is also chemical-free, has great odor control (and very mild odor--I can't smell it without putting my nose pretty close), and is pretty much dust-free. The bit of dust that exists I don't mind as it's harmless.
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