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Stupid new spam

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I just received a message that said it was from support@symantec. It said, the test message you sent was infected with a virus [with a virus name, I don't remember what it was]. To clean your system, click on the attachment on this message.

I did not sent symantec a test message. And I am sure that the attachment was a standard virus. I think that these latest virus spam messages are really nasty. They are pretty convincing, even fairly savvy computer users might fall for them!

Don't open attachments, people, unless they are something you specifically requested, and you know that they are sending it to you. The newest viruses are very very well disguised. So even if it looks like a messge from someone you know, it can still be a virus.
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We've gotten a rash of emails looking like they come from yahoo, netscape, symantec, earthlink, and a few others. I forward them to the abuse address at the particular site they claim to be from and let them sort it out. If you click the option where it says "full headers", you'll usually see the line "may be forged" in the address line.

I agree with you about opening attachments, and I'd add this: Anyone on the internet today should be running uptodate virus software and a firewall.
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Latest Virus Threats from Nornton It would be a good idea to check this list, especially if you are getting a lot of these emails.

Spam Watch Responce Center List of things to watch out for in spam emails.
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