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Yet another Sophie question!!.

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You know how i've been sleeping in the spare bed in Rosies room so as to give her some attention?.

Well, last night as they seem to be bonding quite well i thought i would let Sophie sleep with us as well, but i don't know if it was the right thing to do just yet?.

Rosie normally leaves her bed through the night then jumps onto my bed where she snuggles down.

Sophie made her bed in between my neck and shoulder straight away, then through the night up jumps Rosie, but saw Sophie there and jumped back down. I put my arm out and spoke to her, but she was having none of it.

I felt so guilty, but i am putting her first before everything so as not to get jealous.

So, should i bring Sophie in with us just yet or would it be best to leave it a week or two?.
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I don't know the answer to this. Our kitties didn't snuggle up to us, but they did sleep on the bed. When we let Flowerbelle out of the bathroom at night (when we were sure she wouldn't get hurt by another cat while we were asleep), she snuggled right in with us. Everyone stopped sleeping on the bed for several weeks, but things got back to normal pretty quickly.

I don't know what happens if you don't let Sophie sleep with you. My guess is Rosie will - but my guess is also that at some point Sophie will be allowed in the bedroom too, and when she first sleeps with you, whether or not that is now or in the future, Rosie may choose not to sleep with you for a little while. When she (again) accepts that Sophie's not going anywhere, she'll be back.

If Rosie's OK with things so far, my guess is that you're simply deciding whether or not to go through that displacement/adjustment now or later. If Rosie's confident she's still your girl, then I don't think it matters much. If she's not so sure or exhibiting other signs of jealousy, you might want to wait. The only problem with that is that Sophie may cry, and you'll have to get earplugs. Once we'd let Flowerbelle sleep with us, there was no going back. And we couldn't deal with her crying, so she's completely spoiled forever.

Others may have more experience with this that's for sure!
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Sorry - quick clarification question. This was in the bed in Rosie's room? Does Rosie normally sleep with you in your bed? If it's Rosie's room, you may not want to include Sophie - you may want to go back to your bed, if Rosie's allowed there at night.
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Laurie it's the bed in Rosies room that i've been sleeping in since i got Sophie.

I slept in her room from saturday when she knew something was going on, and especially when she first met Sophie, because i thought by staying with her in her room she knew that she still had my attention if you know what i mean?!.

Sometimes i let Rosie into my bedroom as well, but the plan is that i want both of them to be able to sleep in my room together without any jealousy, so your right, it is the question of now or later, but i don't want Rosie to feel she's pushed out?!.
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I can't really help with the now or later question, but I do think it'd be best to let Sophie sleep with you in your room as opposed to Rosie's room. It's one thing to have to learn to share her space with Sophie in "neutral" territory (even though Rosie thinks of it as hers) - but I do think it's another thing to have Rosie learn to share HER space.
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I know what you mean Laurie. So i'll keep that as Rosies room only

Thanks for your help.
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