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Gotta love that melting pot...What's your ethnic heritage?

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Irish: Dad's side...I have one of most Irish last names on the planet!

Russian and Czech: Mom's side. I look more like my mom's side and I identify more with that culture...better food too!
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Dad - German and Scottish (scotch?)
Mom - heinz 57 Mostly norwegian influence, some german, I believe.
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Dad: Sicilian - he was first generation American as both his parents came from Sicily in their teens.

Mom: English, Irish, Dutch, Scots, she's working on finishing the research for she and I applying for our DAR, as it appears one of our ancestors really did come over on the Mayflower

DH: His Dad: Swedish with a pinch of English
His Mom: Czech
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Dad side is Mixture of German with English
Mom Side is English no history of any thing else dating back to the early 1900's
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Originally Posted by DawnA
Dad - German and Scottish (scotch?)
Mom - heinz 57 Mostly norwegian influence, some german, I believe.
Ooops scotch is a drink
Scots is the word you are looking for.
Me- I am a total Brit through a through with a little Irish thrown in for good measure.
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Dad: Irish (with a little French huguenot thrown in)
Mum: Lebanese and Scottish
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Dad - Hungarian, French
Mom - English, German
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A true "Brit"!.

But if my married name counts(McKinley), according to my father-in-law theres a bit of irish on my husbands side of the family.
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Me - born in New Zealand.

But anyways,
Mum - English (her dad is from Cornwall), Spanish
Dad - Maori, Scottish, Irish, English, and German.

But we are all a bunch of true blue kiwis!
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I'm 2nd generation Italian. All 4 grandparents emigrated to the US from Italy. Really interesting story with my maternal grandparents too.
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Mom's side: German, German and more German
Dad's side: German and Irish

Funnily enough my Mom's family has been in American longer than Dad's they just settled in a primarily German town.
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My mum's side - Welsh & English (My Grandad's family were evacuated from London during WW2 and never went back )

My Dad's side - Welsh
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Dad: German and Polish
Mom: Danish, English and French

Husband: 100% Polish
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Me? A true Puerto Rican down to the core!

I have traced my genealogical tree up to like 1830 (and I could have traced it farther if it wasn't for my laziness)... and I found two spaniard back in the 1870s and 1860s. That's the most foreign it gets. My half brother was born in Spain in the days of Franco's dictatorship when my father lived in Madrid, but that's as Spaniard as he gets.

My two surnames are: RodrÃ:censor:guez (the most common surname in the Spanish language), and Roldán (a bit common, but not that much.... not too common in PR).
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus

Dad - Maori, Scottish, Irish, English, and German.
Sweetie, you can't GET much more Kiwi than that mix!!!!


Mom: English, French (the Willoughby side has been traced back to the War of the Roses, or so I'm told - have yet to see the chart)

Dad: Who know!!! His family name's been in that state for over 250 yrs, but we have no idea where it came from. I suspect either Germany or Ireland, where else would we get our hot red-headed tempers from?

I did start a genealogical study of our family after my grandfather passed, but I can't get back past my great-grandparents with any certainty. My ex, lucky dog, is 50/50 Danish/Lithuanian, but only acknowledges his Danish half.
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My dad was 1st born Italian, and my mom's parents were of German heritage and Russian heritage. My husband is from Honduras. C.A. where people are very mixed also, so my kids are Honduran(native, spanish and african?) and my mix of Italian , German and Russian. I love it.
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Dad: Scots, English, and we recently found out, some Swiss, although they were probably "Pennsylvania Dutch" by way of Switzerland. And one Mic Mac great great grandmother.

Mom: Ukranian/Polish - depending on who was drawing the boundary, her "dad" was French Canadian from Vermont, her bio father was Ashkenazy Jew.
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Originally Posted by RicaLynn
Sweetie, you can't GET much more Kiwi than that mix!!!!
LOL Rica! You should meet my dad. He is a real staunch kiwi - and definitely proud of it!
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Irish (dad), French Canadian (mom)
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Heritage: German. That's it. 100% German. Schmidt, Darr, Rodekohr, Volk go back to the Grandparents, and it stays German from there.

Both of my grandmothers did the family tree thing. Mom's side found 1 Polish Jew by marriage (not directly descended from that branch) and she thought it was really cool to have some Jewish heritage in the family. Dad's side also found a German Jew in the family by marriage (again, not directly descended from...) and she stopped researching right then and there and destroyed what she had found. I lost a lot of respect for Grandma when I found that out. We only found out because my aunt had been helping with the project and she told Dad about it. Otherwise it just dropped from all conversation...
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Dad's side: Irish, English, German, Chinese
Mom's side: German, Irish, Swedish
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On my fathers side: German/Jewish
On my mothers side: French/Jewish and Cherokee Indian
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Mother's Side: English, Scottish, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Polish, American Indian, Irish
Father's Side: English, Scottish, German, French, American Indian

Although I'm a little of everything, everyone assumes I'm Irish! (red hair and freckles will do that for you!)
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Donna - West Indian; born in Trinidad, immigrated to Canada. (Ancestors originally from India.)
George - Chinese, born in Canada. (Ancestors originally from southern China)

By the way, since we live in Canada, we belong to no "melting pot" as in the US.

We're in a "multicultural mosaic."

So there.
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I am English, Irish, Polish, and Swedish. I'll have to email my mom and find out which is on which side though!
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Dad was Scottish and Irish.

Mom is English and Pennsylvania Dutch.
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American -- on the downside...
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American, descended from:
Dad - Alsatian
Mom - German, English, French, Irish and Native American
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My Mothers side is English, English and more English oh and a bit of Welsh.
My Fathers side is English,English and English.

Which should mean that I love England but my heart is in Australia, even though I am not there now.
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I'm a first generation canadian on my dads side and a third on my moms side.
My dads family immigrated in the early 50's from Leeds, England but were really from Wales, so my dad is Welsh and my mom is Swedish and German. Her dad was Swedish his parent immigrated from Swedden in th early 1900's and my grandmothers family immigrated from "White Russia" (If anybody knows where this is/was please let me know, we have no idea) but were really German.
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