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Puzzled by change in Kuzo's behavior.

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Kuzo is about a 9 months old. He was a friendly and outgoing kitten and young cat. I had him spayed at 6 months and his behavior seemed the same. However, in the last two months, he has become high strung, frightened, and extremely easily spooked. I don't know how to deal with the problem. Any ideas on how to help him?
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Since he is male, you had him neutered and usually what that does is mellow them out. Do you let him outside, or is he and inside only cat? Have you had any maintenance workers or visitors or anything out of the ordinary come to your home lately? Are there perhaps new cats outside that might be upsetting him? Have you taken him to the vet for a routine check up to see if he possibly is injured and you just don't know about it yet?

There is always a reason for a cat acting off. Sometimes it is health issues, sometimes it is a change whether subtle or severe, you have to sort of be a detective and start really looking around to see what might be bothering him.
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If we can't readily identify the source of a change in behavior, it's a trip to the vet. For us, it's always turned out that there WAS, in fact, a medical reason for the change. Cats are amazing in their ability to mask pain and/or discomfort, and sometimes the only way we notice there's a problem is in even very minor changes in behavior.

One of our kitties became less social than he had been. He would leave the room if other cats were playing there, and he would sit facing away from us rather than facing us. That was it. It was seriously so subtle a change that we really weren't sure anything had changed. Fortunately my hubby became concerned enough that we took him to the vet. Turns out he was so anemic he was near death.
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I would really look at even subtle life changes, mine gets upset when they work on the house next door. The hammers etc. And today they were pruning the trees outside and he was pretty upset. Cats are much more aware of noises etc than we are.
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