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our new girl

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hi everyone most of you have seen our little girl but i thought this pic was cute and had to share this is our little girl sierra the bengal baby
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Hope you take plenty of pictures...

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Oh, she is precious!

I'm moving this to fur pictures so everyone can see her.
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Very cute! She looks like she is winking in the 2nd pic!
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She's beautiful.

Kind of looks like she's flirting with the camera in the second picture.
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Cute!!! Cute!!! Cute!!!
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Oh how cute is she!!!!!
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She's lovely
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She is soooooo sweet - good luck with her she will make that there will never be a dull moment :0))
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She definately a cutie pie.
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Sierra has such a pretty face.
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Originally Posted by Cilla
Sierra has such a pretty face.
She sure does, Sasha would love to meet her
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What a cute little girl she is to her
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What a sweetie - wwhere does cat begin and fabric end?
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