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Good luck Jenna (kittylove)

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My daughter Jenna will be starting big school tommorow and I thought I,d surprise her with a good luck message.

"Jenna my lovely daughter,have a great day at your new school,you,ll be with your friends and you will also meet new friends,Katharine your big sister will also be there,so GOOD LUCK SWEETHEART!!!!!

:blossom: :homer: :icecream: :angel2: :blubturq: :girly2: :pinky: :baloon: :daisy: :jarswim: :angel2:

Lots of love from,mum,dad,Katharine,Felix,Clover and Peachy
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Oooo I just have to join in!!! ALL THE BEST JENNA!!!!! (shame you can't take Felix with you eh? :laughing: )
:tounge2: :blossom: :eye&mouth :icecream: :pinky: :pinky: :flash: :laughing: :laughing2 :LOL: :blubturq: :baloon: :rainbow: :girly1: :girly2: :daisy: :flower:
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:daisy:Hi Princess Kittylove!! :daisy:

OH BOY... FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! I wish I was going back to school! Darn...then we could be school chums :laughing2: Well, I guess I would look a little out of place then wouldn't I? :laughing: My Dearest Princess Jenna... I wish you the happiest school year to come...both you and Katherine of course! :pinky::pinky: (it beats going to work!) :laughing2:laughing2


:pinky: :blubturq:
:mimouse::girly1::girly2::angel4::angel4::daisy: :daisy:

What'dya wear for your first day? That used to be such a dillema for me! :laughing2

Hey, check out the fashion in the US Schools this year!! Kinda weird huh? :laughing2 :laughing2

PS...NO in class! :laughing2::laughing2

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Jenna!!!!!!!! I hope you had a great first day in the new school!!! Please let us know how it went! We you! (and your mother!)
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Yes Jenna - how did it go? great I hope!
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Ahh thankyou so much,Bodlover,Catarina and Debby I,m sorry Jenna has,nt had a chance to reply on the forum,but she has seen your very nice messages.We have been rushing around trying to buy last minutes things for school.I,m sure Jenna will be on the forums tonight!
It was quite funny this morning,Jenna was so busy getting ready,making sure she had enough pencils etc,and my other lovely daughter Katharine was very layed back,I kept asking her to get off the computer and get ready for school
I,ve been wondering how they are both getting on,especially Jenna,as its such a large school.I used to go to the same school,so it is like going down memory lane,when I go to parents evening

Well jenna,here are some more smilies to greet you :pinky: :pinky: :angel2: :martian: :blubturq: :bubbly: :girly2: :flower: :blubturq: :homer: :egypt: :pinky: :girly1:
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Thanks mum, you really did surprise me I had a great day at school . Thank-you also Bodlover,Catarina and Debbie, I liked all the subjects I did apart from French and I met a new friend called Jessica . My uniform colour is grey, white and yellow (not) I have a cooked dinner, chicken burger, chips and a can of Fanta. My French teacher is alright but I can`t understand a word he says. My form tutor is called Miss Holden, she is really nice. Thank-you all again, here is a present for U all.
:chicken: :egypt: :icecream: :pinky: :rainbow: :girly1: :daisy: :angel4: :blossom: :homer: :flash: :laughing: :angel2: :laughing2 :blubturq: :kitty5: :bubbly: :pinky:

p.s I wish Felix could come with me.
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Jenna....what grade are you in this year, I forget...and I am SO glad you are enjoying school!!!!! *HUGS*

You will have to let us know how it goes this year!
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