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My husband has kidney pain

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Starting last week my husband is having kidney pain , on and off . But like most man , he is not going to the Dr. So tonight he come home over 1 hour early from work saying he start having a sharp pain in the kidney . He try to ride it out but could not . Mike is not that kind of person to come home b/c of pain , nor is he a wimp in that area . So he realy has to be in a lot of pain comming home early from work . He try to lay down , but the pain is worse when try to sleep . He don't want to go to the hospital and now he is sitting in a rocking chair , since the pain seems to be a little better then laying down . He took some pain killer and they don't work . I give him a heating patch to lay on the pain , but have no clue if it will help him . Any one in here has a idea what to do to to help his pain ? Thanks
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I'm sorry your husband isn't well, but I really think you should insist that he see a doctor. This doesn't sound like it's anything to fool around with. I'm sending lots of get well soon vibes to your husband.

A couple of years ago, my dad had what he thought was indigestion, and when he talked to my mom about it, he said he also had a cramping sensation. Mom insisted on driving him to the hospital where it was determined that he was actually having a mild heart attack.

It's always best to not take any chances when it comes to the health and well-being of a loved one.
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I second that.. go see a doc and go check it out...
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Thanks guys
I wish I could , my hubby is a real hard head in that area .
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Hedi, is he urinating? If so, is there blood in it? This concerns me because he may have some major infection going on in his kidneys. I do believe he needs to see a doctor and soon too. Please try to convience him of going...
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Does he have any of the following symptoms? If so, he could have kidney stones and needs to get to the hospital ASAP!

* Severe, constant pain in your side, abdomen, groin, or genitals.
* Blood in your urine.
* Signs of a urinary tract infection.
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Shell , he is urinating an there is no blood in it as far as I know . I just ask him again to please go with me to the hospital and again he said no . Now he wants to wait till the morning and hopefuly the pain is gone If the pain is still there he will go to the hospital in the morning , yea right . I know already he wont go in the morning to the hospital . But maybe I can convience him to make a appointment by the Dr come tommorow , at least I hope . What is it with men ?
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Originally Posted by PurrfectCatlove
Thanks guys
I wish I could , my hubby is a real hard head in that area .
Hedi, so sorry about your husband. Some people need scare tactics. If he has an infection, the infection will only spread, worse case senario, he will become septic, meaning the infection will enter his bloodstream, and you can DIE from that. He might have kidney stones, which are horribly painful. I have given patients high does of morphine with kidney stones and it barely touches them. He might be afraid that he will be catheterized...and most men would rather go to war than have that done! But it might have to be done. Does he have a temperature? You might have to call his doc without him knowing, and make him talk some sense into him. I don't know how old your husband is, but it might be prostititis (prostate) which also means an infection. Now that he has kidney pain the infection might be spreading, called an asending infection. Damn..I'll talk to him. I used to beg men to let me cath them...their bladders were as big as a Macy's Thanksgiving balloon. Eventually, they gave in and felt much better. Is he urinating...find out. Good luck! PM me if you need more help!
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Originally Posted by PumpkiCoki
Does he have any of the following symptoms? If so, he could have kidney stones and needs to get to the hospital ASAP!

* Severe, constant pain in your side, abdomen, groin, or genitals.
* Blood in your urine.
* Signs of a urinary tract infection.
Only the sharp pain in the kidney .
And thank you all so much for your help .
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My boyfriend's brother had the same symptoms and let them go. He ended up spending a week in the hospital whereas he could have went to the dr and avoided the whole ordeal.

I know what you mean about refusal of the dr, my boyfriend flipped his 4 wheeler over on him at a race and was ran over by another rider. Refused to go to the hospital then and spent the 8 hour ride home coughing up blood. Finally, I got him in to the dr after 3 days to find out he had 6 broken ribs, a bruised lung and was starting to get pnuemonia. It's irritating as everything to have something wrong with them and they refuse the dr.

I hope he gets to feeling better soon and that he gives in and goes for some medical attention.
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Yikes! I hope you can get him to the Doctor. Good luck Hedi. I hope he feels better soon.
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Do insist he see a doctor ASAP or if it gets worse the hospital, even if you have to enlist his friends and family to help.

It could be anything as mentioned above or it could also be Kidney Stones (my brother had something similiar but he went in right away and got it taken care of before it blocked up and could have killed him).

Hope he feels better soon. Keep us posted.
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He really needs to at least see his doctor...I'm concerned as others have already posted about kidney stones, infections...I'd be darn blunt (who me??) with him and ask him if he wants to damage his kidneys permanently, a risk if he has an untreated infection he lets go on too long.

Please keep us updated,
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How is your husand today?
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Hedi - how is he doing? It's so hard to tell with this kind of pain. A friend of ours was rushed to the hospital with suspected kidney pain. It turned out to be muscle cramps in the lower back. I hope it turns out to be as benign for Mike - but please please make him see a doctor if he hasn't done so yet.
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It sounds like what a friend of mine had which was kidney stones, but the only way is to see the doc. And he will eventually because he won't be able to stand the pain if it is kidney stones.

Men!. Keep us informed.
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Ok... I have been through kidney stones, and trust me, they ain't pretty.

Your hubby should get to the doctor pronto. Although most kidney stones can get out by themselves, X-rays are needed to determine the size of the stone (and if there is a stone) and there are several pain killers needed, such as Percosec, and other medications such as Bentyl (which dilates the urinary tract to make it easier for the stone).

If he starts urinating blood, then DRAG him to the doctor. If there's blood, then there can be an infection and the doctor may want to prescribe coagulants.

Of course, if the stone is too big, then surgery may be needed (my dad had to go through surgery once) to remove the stone. That's what the X-ray is for.

Regardless, stones are not children's game.... he needs to see the doctor pronto. If it is too strong, then take him to the hospital.
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Hedi, I Hope you can get him to the doctor. It really sounds like kidney stones is a very big possibility.
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Surgery isn't always necessary for kidney stones now. I had a bout with them a few years ago, and they used a procedure called lithotripsy to break them up implementing ultrasound. While the thought of passing several stones that felt like they were about the size of my head and sharp wasn't fun, it beat having surgery. (I had a "compassionate" Nurse that told me that all men should go through passing kidney stones...she equated it to giving birth.)

Drink that cranberry juice...it keeps them away.

He really should go in and have this looked at, and I hope it all works out well.

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I had a "compassionate" Nurse that told me that all men should go through passing kidney stones...she equated it to giving birth
Oh Jeff I'm so sorry. We have a young lady here at our office (she's now 20) who went thru this last summer, while she was on vacation no less. Being a mom of a toddler, she compared the two pains, and said she'd rather go thru childbirth again than repeat the kidney stones!!!

(btw, her episode started with a persistant dull ache in her lower back, which she ignored as being stress tension and muscle pain. she was hospitalized for four days, five states away from home, and the trip home was very painful even though she was on the mend.)
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Ah... ultrasound... well, remember that the surgery to my dad took place in 1987, so probably that did not exist back then.
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Any news, Hedi? He really has to go get checked out - that much pain is definitely a sign that things aren't right.
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Thank you all so much for your reply's and consern , I must be loved here . I had to work today and just home for a little while .

Well , he keeps being a hard head . He is not wanting to go to the hospital , he was traging this morning and said he was doing ok . Yea , right . He said if he is still in pain on Friday , this is his day off , he would see a Dr. I told him all what you said with infection spreading ect ect , but he is just not listening . Mike is drinking cranberry juice btw . I am just really worried about him and then he is not listening to me . I could kick his butt all the way into the hospital LOL .

yoviher and jeff I am so sorry to hear you both went through that . From every body else I know say the same thing to me : very painful
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Any chance you can knock him over the head and get him to the ER??? Get a neighbor to help. I'm only half kidding here. MEN!!! Some can be SOOOOO hard-headed.
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Originally Posted by RicaLynn
Any chance you can knock him over the head and get him to the ER??? Get a neighbor to help. I'm only half kidding here. MEN!!! Some can be SOOOOO hard-headed.
To funny
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Nothing frustrates me as much as this quote "Pain is weakness leaving the body", my dh, retired Army, gives that as his answer way too often when I'm worried about something. However, being right a couple of times, reminding him of the time I had to wheel him into the hospital for bloodwork because he had such a bad pneumonia he couldn't walk...that makes him sometimes listen.

Hedi, just keep at him and dont' get too
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Thanks Pat and I sure will try everything to get him to the Dr.
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Hedi, Mike really needs to go to the ER and get checked out. Is there anyone you can call and bulldog him into going? I have been fighting with kidney problems for 8 long years. I have been in severe pain off and on for various infections that noone could find out why until I saw this new dr last week. Kidney problems are nothing to play with. My Dad died from renal failure.

I would hate like hell to hear that Mike being a stubborn person had severe damage due to a stone or infection. I myself have a lot of scare tissue due to the infections I have had over the past 8 years and problems caused by the infections that required surgery. I had that done last Thursday and am still not quite up to par.

Mike quite trying to be SUPERMAN and go to the doctor.
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Sure sounds like your husband has kidney stones to me. I have never had them, nor do I ever want to go through it. From what I have geard, it is one of the worse pains you can have. A girl I work with had them. He does need to get to the doctor, but, if he drinks a lot of water, that can help to pass them. That is, if he really does have stones. Only a doctor will be able to tell.
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Thank you all for your reply's .

My husband come home today from work after only bin at work for 2 hours , in pain again . Even the pain killer he took did not help . So we went to the emergency room and were there for 4 1/2 hours . I hate being in a small room that long and almost freak out , but for his sake I stayed . He had to give urin and after waiting almost 2 hour of the darn test to come back , Mike also had blood in the urin and the Doc said he had a stone in the kiddney .Then Mike had to get a cat scan (sp) done . Mike's kiddney stone is 5 mm big . The Dr said the size is right at the edge where it still could pass , but then it may not pass . The Dr also said that it looks like it was already moving . I have no clue how he would know if a stone has moved , but he is the Dr and must know . So now all the doc gave Mike was some strong pain killers for him and Mike has to see the urinary ( grrr cant spell it ) specialist in 3 - 5 days . He also need to drink lots of fluit and hopefuly the stone will pass .

Any body knows by change how you can get a kiddney stone ???

Thank you all again for your suport you have given to me to all .
I am so glad Mike finaly went At least now we know what we are dealing with .
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