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Questions for a site I'm working on (long, but opinions wanted)

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Some of you may remember me asking questions about a site I'm working on this past summer - it's going to be a general information site for people new to cat ownership. When my boyfriend and I got "stuck" with Tinkerbell when her mom abandoned her at 2 weeks old, we had to do A LOT of research all over the web to learn about cats and how to care for them. With the addition of our other two, we've learned a lot and been through a lot and I'd like to share that knowledge with others.

Being a digitial design major (I'm a pre-junior in school right now), creating a web page is right up my alley. I started working it over the summer, but then realized that there was waaaay too much information to fit into the interface I designed, so I've been re-working it. I hope to launch the site at the end of this year.

Anyway, so here's my question to you ladies. I am looking to sell products on the site, and I would donate part of the profit to a shelter around here (or another good cause - I'm still looking into that). One will be a calendar, either with pictures of cats themed with the months, or drawn comics that I've created...or both. I have not figured out a price for that yet - I have to see how much it would cost to produce.

My second product that I've actually created for my cats is a large pillow bed (like 3'x3' - I would come up with standard sizes). It has two layers so they can either lay on top of both fluffy layers or climb in between them. Two of my cats prefer to lay on top of it - you can view pictures here.

This one uses a cat print fabric on the outside and a baby blue fabric inside. I would offer various prints as well as fabrics (such as a furry fabric since they love that, too). It is machine washable, but I've had my cats using mine for 2 months now and it's still really clean. I would probably offer it for $15-$20 - it costs about $5 to make the whole thing, then a $5-$10 donation, and then the profit ($5 or $10) would go to me and to pay for the hosting of the site...as well as any other products I make.

Also included free with each purchase would be a catnip sock in a pattern chosen by the buyer.

I was wondering if y'all think something like this would sell, and if my prices seem correct. Also, do you think the calendars are worth the time and effort?
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Please let me specify that these pillows nor the calendars are NOT for sale in any way. Eventually I plan on selling them but that won't be for at least about a month until I get my site up and running.

I am just looking for opinions, not orders.

Thanks again for any input!
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From someone who sees this stuff all the time, I would say that your prices are reasonable and even a bit low. That has to be a lot of work to do those pillows, and they look great!
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I'd buy the pillow, it looks well made and really comfy!
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I'd say that those prices are very good - especially with so much going to charity! Good luck!
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Where is the website link, I can't find it? And the prices for the pillow???

Maybe i am blind...
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Haha, sorry, there's no site yet. I'm actually building it as we speak.

I was notified that I am not allowed to sell products through this board, but I will be sure to notify everyone when my site is up and running - there will be a link to my pillows on there.

Honestly, the site will probably not be ready for a few months (school is light this quarter so luckily I now have time to get it moving), so just keep your eye open. I'll make sure to post it in the cat lounge so everyone sees.
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Oh ok

Your three kitties are adorable by the way
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Originally Posted by Coco Maui
Oh ok

Your three kitties are adorable by the way

Thanks so much!
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