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Supply and Demand now about equal??

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Hi All,

I just finished re-reading the ANIMAL PEOPLE News editorial in the April 2004 edition of the paper. Anyone else read it yet? What do you think?

I have always liked the paper's factual approach, I thought -- gathering statistics, being careful to back what they say with research and analysis of real data. But I can't see where they reached the conclusion they reach in this editorial, and I'm really feeling miffed

Maybe I live in a more backward area than I realize. (For thirty years, they've though that they were "solving" cat problems by trapping-and-killing.) I know there are the birders and other groups that have some concern over seeing ANY domestic animals invading natural lands, but I guess, I see TNR as so clearly an effective, demonstrably workable solution, that I find it appalling that someone who knows about TNR should suggest that we return to the dark ages, and go about our work furtively, discreetly.

Between this idea and the statement that there are now enough homes for most feral cats to be rehomed, I am starting to wonder what's in the water at ANIMAL PEOPLE News. It's sure sounding funny to me!
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One thing about editorials is that it is one person's opinion. Often misguided, and with some quiet intervention sometimes wrong ideas can be made right- case in point this thread here:


One reporter had a notion about feral cats that turned out to be wrong, and thanks largely to this board of cat lovers, he now takes a different view.

I haven't seen the article, but I have no qualms about thinking that one well thought out and unemotional letter supported by statistics and facts might go a long way in giving this person another way to look at the issue.
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That reminds me of an article in Animal People last year titled..."feral cats, are they on the way out?" where they researched "road kill" statistics to determine how many ferals are out there and concluded that due to more cats being kept indoors and predators (I think there were a couple of other contributors mentioned) that the feral cat population has really dwindled. Do I agree?? I don't think you can extrapolate statistics from Baltimore, MD and Utah in order to make conclusions along those lines. I think at this point, we must continue to do what we do for the sake of animals. Over 6 out of every 10 cats in Virginia Shelters were euthanized in 2002....that to me is appaulling. I respect Merrick Clifton....he is the one who said that we must fix 6.4 Million MORE cats in order to be a no kill nation in the ASPCA Animal Watch issue from December. I haven't read that article yet Linda...but if Merrick is now saying we are at a point where supply and demand are equal and we shouldn't worry..that would be contrary to the other statement he made.

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Hi Katie,

I'm virtually spluttering here. I think maybe Mr. Clifton has been abducted by aliens -- it's the only explanation I can reach! Yes this is the gentleman who believes that road kills can serve as a reliable gauge of the feral cat population. Well, he's entitled as is anyone, in some ways, because let's admit it, no one really has a scientifically accurate, reproducible scheme for assessing the feral cat population. (Sometimes I am sure this is very MUCH the root of the whole danged problem!!) I base mine on some fiddling with the pet product manufacturing association's data, the AVMA formula, ACA's suggestions, and my own organization's data. But what factors influence feral cat population trends: human population? Development? Prey animals? Roads? Eradication efforts? TNR? We don't seem to know, any of us.

I definitely agree with you Katie, it's not consistent with what Clifton's argued before. It's irresponsible use of a few data points, actually.
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