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Friend missing! need good vibes!

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My best friend's mother, who is also a friend of mine is missing. She drove off yesterday morning and just vanished. She was to do errands and be back by a certain time, and she has not been seen since.They have reported the car stolen, but will not file a missing person report for another day. I took her to the hospital for a bad UTI Sunday night, took her home, and she was fine. I went by and fed the old cat that lives outside her house, and there was no sign that anyone had been there. We may have to break in and get a mama cat and 4 kittens out if she does not make it back soon. She has been battling drug adiction for many years, and I am the only one of her friends that has not given up on her. I would appreciate some prayers and good vibes. I have a really bad feeling about this.
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Oh no! She is in my thoughts, please do keep us updated as to how she is.
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Oh noooo , I hope your friend is ok and will be found .

I sure will be praying for her save return
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Good vibes flying! I hope she is found safe...
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Hope they find your friend soon. You must be so worried - plenty of good vibes coming your way.
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Vibes and prayers flying.... I hope she is found safe and sound soon. Please keep us posted.
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Oh No! That is scary. I hope she's found soon. She's definitly in my thoughts. Keep us posted.
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hope they find her soon. I'll keep her in my thoughts.
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She turned up, but I almost wish she had not. I know that sounds awful, but here's the story. She was a recovering crack addict that has been clean for several years. She was convicted of stealing sizable amount of money, and did some prison time. Everyone else gave up on her, but she had reunited with her daughter, my best friend, when her grandson was born. She had been doing well. Suddenly she just lost it and gave up her daughter, her grandson, and her last friend. I stuck by her when I knew she was wrong, and I feel very betrayed. She even went so far as to sell her grandson's car seat for crack. I hate to give up on her, but I have nothing left to give her. I can't even bring myself to go see her, I know she will just give me the wild tale she gave everyone else about what happened, when what happened is she traded everything for the pipe.
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Sounds like she is in a really bad place in her life. I hope that she will seek treatment for her addiction.
Are her cats well cared for? It sounds to me like she may need help caring for them since she is having trouble in all other areas of her life. Maybe you could offer to help care for them if she seeks treatment.
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That is so sad. You must feel very disappointed in her. Hope she will come round to feeling a will to get her life back on track. You have been such a brick standing by her all this time. It must be hard now. Are her cats still at home?
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From experience...she's going to have to hit rock bottom before she is willing to change. I've been there with a relative. He was even taking his son's medication when he couldn't find a dealer.

{{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you for trying.
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She ahs always taken good care of her cats, and I hope she will continue to do so. I have been helping her with food for them when she has been short on money, but she has always managed to feed them. I will probably still drop off food for them, but I may do it when she is not there. I just can't look at her yet.
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It's always so hard when this kind of stuff hits so close to home. I've gone through something like this with a friend of my own. It was one of the hardest decisions I made to walk away. But I know in my heart it was the right choice for me and for her but that is another discussion all together.

Unfortunately this happens a lot, they get clean then one day bam they've fallen back off the wagon. And in doing so disappoint and sadden those they are closest to. It breaks my heart that someone else has to go through this.

Kudos to you for standing beside her as long as you have. But I think Sweets is correct they only way she'll change is if she wants to and that usually comes at rock bottom.
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