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GREAT News!!!!!

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I Caught one!!!!

Well last night I saw the one that I called a dilute tortie.I am actually not sure what color to call her after closer inspection.LOL.
I think it is a possibility that there was only one cat the other night instead of two.The first time I saw the cat,it looked fluffy in the face,but I really couldn't tell the color( I only really saw the face),but when it got in the cage it looked shorter haired dilute tortie(or whatever she is lol)
Well,I saw one in the cage last night and I had rigged up a piece of yarn to pull from inside to shut the door.Well,when I pulled it,it made a little noise(also didn't pull to well because I had it run through the door crack.LOL.)and she ran out.She then looked fluffy.LOL.So I am hoping that this was only one cat instead of two and she just looked a little different in and out of the cage.
Well,my darn neighbor's tom cat was sitting there waiting on her to get out of the cage and as soon as she came out he mounted her.I was about to choke him.LOL.
I had done come up with a plan while I was laying in bed last night,but was too lazy to go do it right then.But I guess luck was on my side because what I had planned to do actually happened with no help from me.
I guess she had knocked the food can underneath the flap that they need to stand on,so therefore when she tried to get to the food underneath the trap,BAM..the door closed and she was stuck.
So I had a pleasant surprise waiting on me this morning.Hehe.
So I took her on to school,with fingers crossed that he could squeeze her in for me today as this and Thur. are our last surgery days.

He was able to fit her in and so now she is spayed.YAY!!
She is not a happy kitty right now though.LOL.She is still a little sleepy,but not too sleepy to growl at me.LOL.

Anyway,I just wanted to share the news with you all.I am just so happy that everything worked out so I was able to get her spayed right away.

She is a young cat.I am thinking that she may be Max and Ruby's sis,so if that is the case she is about a year old.
Also she hasn't had kittens recently,so she is not the one with babies.I really hope my neighbor is just nuts and there are no babies under her house.LOL.But I will see what happens with that.
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Oh yeah wanted to mention that I took pics of her in the trap this morning and as soon as I get them developed on CD I will post pics of her.She is a pretty cat and has the softest fur.Also she has a short tail.I don't know if something happened to half of it or if she was born that way,but it is not long at all.
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yay whooo hoooo My congrats to you , one less to have baby's
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That is excellent news!!!

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Way To Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What wonderful news!
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I am going to post a picture of her in the fur pics forum,if you all would like to take a look at her.
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Thanks for letting us know!
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