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All of our cats except Ozzie (persian) and now Elfi cause she preg go outside. This story is about Shadow(she's 12 now but was probably 4 when this happened. Skinny black cat she doesn't look like much but has maintained Alpha position in home for 9 years.

So Shadow killed a bird and in all this time only 1 bird. How did it happen...well I'll tell you. I was standing just inside the closed screen door (glass in window part of door) watching her seeing if shew wanted in. Well there was a bird and Shadow was in pounce mode...but seeing as never caught one before despite many tries I didn't think she'd do more than scare the poor bird away.Sure enough she pounces but Bird hears her just in time to flee...but she flead right into the screen door, scared the heck out of me....and started flying away....then over the Creek the bird just the time I got to the fence I saw the last little movements from the bird. So Shadow killed a bird..but she never touched it.