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Kitten doesn't like lovin'

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After introducing Sassy to our resident cat Striker, things have been going well, especially with the advice we received from you wonderful cat lovers. However, very much unlike Striker when he was a kitten, Sassy doesn't like to cuddle, snuggle or be held. We've tried to show both kits how much we love them, but Sassy wants none of it. Striker has been a lap cat since the beginning (we got hime when he was 12 weeks old). Sassy (now 10 weeks old as of this post) keeps her distance.

Can we expect this to change or is this her personality. Briefly recapping, we had to keep the two of them separated at first (for about a week) because Striker started being aggressive. Lately, it seems he's taken the role of "Mom", as he holds Sassy down to lick her clean and has been seen carrying her around by the scruff of her neck. She cares not for this, by the way.

Anyway, after all that, will Sassy eventually come around to being loved?

Thanks, in advance, to all.

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There's no guarantee with any cat. However, getting her so young helps. If they are shown love at an early age, they usually come around. You have to remember that like young children, they are all different and have different activity levels. I have a 4 month old who hates to be held right now because she is to busy exploring and having fun. When dhe poops out, her favorite place to curl up is a lap. I also have a 2 year old who HATED to be held as a kitten, she would squirm as much as she could to get away. She is now the cat that greets me at the door, cries to be held and will sneak into the bathroom to be with me.
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I went through the same thing with my kittens. At first they didnt seem very friendly at all. We just kept showing them lots of attention and affection when they would put up with it and would stop playing long enough.. Now they are six months old and so affectionate and loving its unbelievable. Not all cats are really affectionate but I think when they are shown lots of love they will always return it to you in some way. All the best with her.
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Two of our cats, to this day, will not tolerate being held for very long. They are 6 years old. I think it's because they feel trapped and it scares them. They do, however, love to lay as close as possible to us and be petted and do this every chance they can get.
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Hi Bill,

I wish that there was a way for you to get this little Sassy to be more affectionate, but I think she's just living up to her name :laughing2 You never know, but I would bet this little girl will come around...especially if you're a big time affectionate person.

However; you never know...we are just blessed with their presence and we have to take what we can get! :laughing2

Love, Peace &
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