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Anyone a fan of REALLY big cats??

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Meet Charley and Abby. They are about 5, and their owners decided it was time for them to move on, so they crammed them into a cardboard box without even air holes, taped it up, dumped it on the vet's front steps and said "So long!"

Charlie is probably a Maine Coon and is 26 lbs. Abby is 17 lbs. They are overweight and on a diet, but will still be very large even when they lose the excess weight.

They are gentle, quiet, affectionate and adorable! They need to go together, as Abby clings to Charlie as a security blanket after the ordeal they survived. They are in Quebec.
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Oh my gosh! That is so horrible that they were just abandoned. I wish I could have those poor babies. But I am in Florida, I hope they are able to find a home really soon where someone will love all over them
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They are precious! Absoutly wonderful! I am discusted though,about how they were formaly treated. That kind of behavior is just gross.
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How could anyone part with those two lovely cats. I do hope you get a loving home for them soon.
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They are so beautiful.

Hope they find a real good and loving home very soon together.

One wonders how some people could be so cruel let alone even think about having animals in their lives. It's just cruel let alone disgusting.
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Words fail me on people who do this sort of thing!.
Their so gorgeous as well the poor things

This is basically what happend to my new kitten Sophies mum. The owner took Jasmine to my friends vet surgery as she was having problems giving birth(I suppose i give her credit for having that bit common sense!). Thankfully Jasmine gave birth to the four kittens with no problems.

When they rang the owner to tell her and to also let her know what costs were incurred, the owner said she couldn't afford it and she would have to also leave the cat and her kittens with them!.

Yet again, another responsible owner-NOT!

I hope those babies get a loving home soon.
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No matter how often I see such dispicable behavior, it never fails to boggle my mind that someone could treat their pets this way. Charlie and Abby were 15 minutes away from euthanization when luckily someone called us.

The abandonment was bad enough, but these cats must have spent years eating crappy food. Not only are they obese, but they had bad skin, bare spots and their coats were in terrible condition. They are looking SO much better now!
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patc....all I can say is THANK GOD for organizations like yours. These poor cats now have a chance to find a responsible owner who will love them.

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Charley does have a coonie look to him doesnt he they are big kitties!
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cute, but big. my friends cat weighs 27 pounds and is not on a diet, i can hardly lift him.
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