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Help Save Buster From Mean Old Monty!

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After my conversion kit (b/c before her...dare I say it...I didn't like cats ) Tinkerbelle went on a permanent wander in October, we decided her younger brother Buster (3), and half-sister Keno (3) (both fixed) needed a new buddy to fill the void as soon as I could handle the idea of replacing her...

On one of our multiple times per week trips to the Humane Society (leap year day) we fell in love with an extremely attractive five year old male British something or other, surrendor, who presented like the lap kit I had always dreamed of.

Not one to act on impulse, as I had fallen in love with a boy the day before as well, and another one a week before then, we decided to think on it. He was neutered, as a surrendor he had a full vaccine history and we had information on his interaction with other animals...it was easy to decide that if he was still there the following morning he would come home with us.

Upon our arrival the following morning we were met with the 2 for 1 price option the shelter occasionally has, and being the crazy cat ladies in the making, decided to bring home a recent addition to the display room as well.

Thus was our first mistake, we left that morning with one cat carrier, when we came home Buster and Keno were faced with not one, but TWO new house mates.

The introduction went surprisingly well, Monty at 15 pounds - seemed oblivious to Buster's (16 pounds) obvious territorial claims - in fact he was oblivious to pretty much everything. Outside of the 3am mewings he was the mellowest cat on Earth.

Latte, a stunning 7 pound, feral, 2-year old, DSH, siamese/tabby mix, spent the first week under the bed in a corner, but quickly outgrew her new home shyness and surprisingly befriended the other female Keno.

Everything was fabulous for about a month, Monty mewed, but didn't spray, and after the first nerve-racking day with an open window all four kits were in by sundown without a single problem...life was GOOOODDDD! Monty and Buster were even caught guarding the window together like a couple of watch kitties when a friend tried to break in to borrow a shirt.

It has now been about a month since they started going out, and about two weeks ago an un-neuterred stray arrived at our window. He would hang out, come in for food in the afternoons, and made himself at home in our yard. We'd seen him in the past, usually when he went into heat, and always assumed he belonged to a neighbor. Unfortunately we couldn't locate his owners and after spraying in our home three days in a row we had to take him to the shelter (knowing once he was fixed he couldn't NOT get adopted - he was sooooo wonderful).

Just before the stray we had a problem with Monty peeing in odd places, took him to the vet and he was given the all clear, and we thought it was probably an adjustment phase. However, after the stray sprayed in our home Monty proceeded to squat anywhere he felt he needed to claim; laundry, backpacks, and the $10 Walmart kit bed in particular.

Long story long...lol...NOW that Monty has pretty much claimed the entire house, he has become an absolute monster! He hunts the other cats at all times of the day and night. He chases them down, corners them, and then just sits there while they hiss and spit at him as though he has no care in the world. It's extremely traumatizing for all involved (except for Monty of course)On many recent occasions as Keno is trying to get away from him he has been caught jumping on her back (keno has crooked hips and a W kinked tail, so that HURTS)!

As of the last Friday Buster and Keno have been refusing to come in at night. It didn't concern me at first as cats do this, they get full of spit and vinegar and just won't obey for a night, but this has been throughout a weekend and into this week. They are in much of the day, but appear scared to come in at night. Weirder still is the fact that Buster will let me pick him up and bring him in the house, whereas before he has ALWAYS refused to let us near him when outdoors.

Monty's aggresion is out of control and I have no idea how to keep him from attacking my longer loved kits. Latte is oblivious to everything, fortunately, and the old kits seem unphased by her. Monty, on the other hand, has me considering giving up an animal I've taken in for the first time in my life. He's out of control and my old kits are being tortured.

I love the big guy already, he is the lap kit I was hoping he would be, but Buster has my heart and I can't sit by and let him be tortured. My sister may be an option in a year or so, if Monty still insists he should be an only kit, but I'm not sure Buster will stick around that long.

Please - any advice on how to regulate Monty's behaviors to make Buster and Keno feel comfortable again would help me to keep my new guy on...HELP!
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Wow, you have a big problem! The only thing I can think of is that the stray's urine scent is still around and it's really upsetting Monty. If you haven't already done so, get a cleaner made specifically to get rid of the spray scent to break down the enzymes. (regular cleaning solutions don't work). And maybe get Feliway, the spray can calm them down.

Since Monty doesn't have a medical problem, do you have enough litter boxes for all your cats? The rule is to have one per cat and one extra, and maybe more. And are they in quiet locations, in different parts of the house so they can have some privacy?

People with more knowledge and experience will post and give you more/better solutions. I hope things work out for all your cats.

Jill and Candy
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I would do several things- I would invest in a black light flashlight, which you can find at any good pet supply store. I would also buy some enzyme cleaner, Nok-Out is a good one. I would also purchase a Comfort Zone Room diffusser by Farnum Pet and plug that in a socket in your front room.

Also make a trip to your beauty parlor and ask the girls if at the end of the day you can have the hair clippings from off the floor. Leave them a big baggie (ziplock) to put the hair in.

At the darkest of time in your area, go outside and shine your blacklight around the outside of the home. Cat urine will glow in black light. Mark where all the urine is and set to work on the stains with Nok-Out. Don't forget to look up, for cat urine travels a long way.

Once you are finished, spread the hair clippings around on the ground. IF the cat is a true feral and scared of people, the smell of human hair will drive him off. I would also keep your cats inside, at least until after the main thrust of kitten season is over, for the pheremones that travel in the air, are enough to make even the most laid back cat nuts.

Play classical music softly in the background at your home, and invest in a large and sturdy cat condo, so the cats can duke it out safely on a feline version of King of the Mountain.

Good luck- and I would stop going to the Humane Society for awhile, you bring back such stress scents and other alien scents for these cats that this could be adding to the problem as well
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Thank you for all of your suggestions! After posting yesterday I watched Monty very closely last night and I think the biggest problem might be that he thinks he's playing. I played with him for about half an hour before bed and all the kits slept in the same room all night long - a first!

I'm definitely going to try a major cleaning of the house AND a diffuser ASAP - maybe Monty's having residual effects of "Oraneg Cat's" visit - I assumed if Orange cat was gone - so was part of the problem...

Does anyone know if I give an already sedate cat if it will be problematic to put Rescue Remedy in the community water?

Also - if the humane society is causing them undo stress - how can I still look for Tinkerbelle and avoid that? Should I get some humane society shoes?
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The Rescue Remedy in the water shouldn't be a problem for the "sedate" cat.

Regarding the Humane Society smell: Buy a spray bottle of enzymatic cleanser that you can keep in your car, and then give your shoes a good spritzing before you come home (not a soaking...just a spritz) and then as soon as you step in the door, wash your hands with a strong scented soap. It you pick up a cat or dog, make sure you spritz your clothing as well.

Good luck and Bravo to you for rescuing all of these cats!
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I would like to start by saying - you guys ROCK!

So I tried Rescue Remedy for the last couple of days. I get varying versions of how often I need to give it to the big guy, so I just put it in the water and hoped for the best. I'm also putting it in his wet food treats. So far the only difference is that he's focusing his energies on hunting two animals in three days is NOT ok...lol....

Everyone I've spoken with in the health stores when hunting Rescue down suggests I use something more intense such as Calm Child since I'm putting it directly on his food. Anyone know if that works at all? I don't want to put the guy in a comma, but Buster needs some definite reprieve...

Speaking of, Buster is going to the doctor tomorrow...I think he's passed the...I'm just big boned...stage of weight gain...wish him luck!
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