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very sick kitten??

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I am new to this message board to please excuse me if I am not sure how to approach each one of you....here we go:
I took my children to a pet store today to get some cat food, (this store wasn't our usual pet store we normally go to). Anyway, I saw this little kitten that just looked miserable and asked the store owner about it. All that was wrong with the kitten was diarrhea, so she said, and if I wanted to mess with it I could have it for $20. Well, to make a long story short, I bought the kitty. I would have bought it for $100 just to get it out of there. The lady wasn't very nice to her employees, I was sure she wasn't much nicer to her animals either.

Now I know you should never buy a kitten just because you feeling sorry for it, but I couldn't help myself.
I took it to the vet, and he gave it some antibiotics, a shot with some kind of fluid (because it was dehydrates). He also said I should feed it pedialyte.

Can anyone tell me if there is something else I can do? I have a crying child at home who thinks Vanilla is going to die.
Thanks for any response.

Gaby & Vanilla
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Depending on the age of the kitten, the chances are 50/50. Most vets will keep a young kitten overnight to rehydrate when necessary. If the kitten is not looking better in the morning, I would get it to another vet for help. It doesn't sound like this vet really cared weather the baby lived or not. If the kitten continues to have the runs, you should take it immediatley.
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Thank you! I think she already looks a little better. He did inject it some fluid and I am giving it pedialyte. He is by vet for a while now and is also taking care of our sugargliders, I know he is a really nice guy and does care about animals, so I think I will give him another chance. I know he heard some very negative things about this pet store. the first thing the said after I told him where I bought the kitty is to return it, but there was no way that I would bring it back to this store (I bought it only because I felt sorry for it)

Well, thanks for your reply. I hope everything will work out.
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You have a very big heart and I am glad you took the kitty home. I know vets sometimes don't understand things like this. I get so sick of pet stores doing this, it happens everywhere. It wasnt the kittens fault it was born, got sick and ended up in a cage. Kittens are VERY fragile, so just keep a close eye on it. If this baby makes it, he or she will know it's because of you.
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Thanks Sandie, that's exatelly how I felt, poor kitty didn't ask to be born. I am not sure who did this to this poor thing, but I will make sure it wont happen again. I think it even had it's tail broken, but I am not sure, heard that some siamese cats do have some kind of tail problem.

Thanks lots, I am sure she will make it.
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