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Talkin' to another apt. manager - wish us luck!

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Hi All,

Another colony of cats has attracted the attention of the area's apartment complex management. Previous management company was okay with there being cats on the premises. New company or new manager gets on the job, and allegedly wants cats gone. (But some of the apartment residents have mentioned there are also kids threatening or harming cats, too -- which would be a reasonable concern for anyone to react to).

I'm up to talk to the manager about how trap-and-remove works, and the options, like trap, neuter and return. I'm mentally preparing myself, this morning, to explain this in very basic terms, because TNR is not a widely-known concept in my area. I need to make this feel like it's the manager's own idea, and not mine. And I have to make sure we have a plan together of some sort for dealing with possible abusers there, also.

Wish me luck! Anyone who has dialogued with a situation like this before, I'd welcome tips or reminders! Hopefully the cats can be cared for without killing, and our volunteers can work in other than a "panic" mode to help out.
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Good luck!!!!!!!!!! We only had to speak to the owners of the property here. But if you want some educational materials to provide, I'm sure you can find some things at www.alleycat.org .

There's also a great article up on the www.neighborhoodcats.org website (a NYC TNR group). Here's that link: http://www.neighborhoodcats.org/abou...says_old_3.htm

Hope all goes well!
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Good luck talking to the new managers! I hope they will listen to all of the realities behind TNR versus trapping and euthanizing.

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.
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Thanks everyone! I had a pleasant, productive talk with the manager. They are stuck in the middle -- some tenants complain about the smell of cat urine; others say "I can't tell you I will not feed them in the future." We've won thirty days this time -- hopefully, the local feeders will cooperate to do a SWAT TNR effort, and then if there are more complaints, we can find relocation prospects for any real unrepentant cats. So now, *I* am stuck in the middle :-) -- risking our organization's reputation on whether we can get all the players to play as a team here. Please DO keep the good thoughts coming our way for the sake of the cats here!
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Linda...good luck!!! I find the hardest thing is to get everyone on the same page...but knowing that there are people who will feed does give you individuals on your side.

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Linda, sending you LOTS of good luck vibes! That door-handle brochure that Katie posted a link to might come in real handy about now....
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