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Some people have NO shame!

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There is an email circulating about a missing little girl under the guise of the Amber alert. Something about the original email did not ring true to me so I started investigating and found this


This really burns me, because here in Oregon a few days ago, two girls, 5 and 6 were snatched and they issued an Amber alert for them.

Why would someone make up something so heart-wrenching? It makes no :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: sense to me.
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That's really sad that someone would make that up, and actually pretty sick as well. Thank goodness for Snopes.
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It's so unbelievable the lack of morals some people can exhibit. Great detective work on your part! BTW, did they find those 2 little girls?
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That email has been circulating thru the internet for as many years as the internet has been up and running. Its all the good Samaratins passing it on that keep it alive. Originally there was a reward for her return. I wish everyone would check a site like SNOPES.com before they would pass things.
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The little girls are still missing as of last night.
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Can't imagine what their parents are going through and all the torments that have gone through their minds, I pray that it has a happy ending.

As for the other they are definitely sick, seem to be more and more of them about nowadays.
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This is similar to the woman who claimed that her daughter had leukemia. She even drugged the kid and shaved her head, to convince the GIRL that she was sick. That was all a scam, to get $$$$.
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Hissy, pardon me if you have already updated. I missed everyone this past weekend and earlier in the week due to some quite annoying computer difficulties. Have you heard anything about the two little girls that were missing? I can't imagine what their family must be going through!
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Thankfully on the news tonight, both girls were found and they are safe. They were not harmed they said the boyfriend picked them up from the street and took them somewhere- but that is all they said-
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That's such fantasic news! What a relief! Thanks so much for the quick update! Off the subject, I wonder are Bailey and Kabota still well? How about everyone else?
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that really burnes me! Why would people fake a missing person? It doesn't make any sense.

Thank Heavens those two girls were found, thank-you for keeping up on it Hissy!
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Well, in my little town someone took the picture of that little girl and the information that she had been missing for two weeks off the internet and posted it on bulletin boards and etc all over town! Of course I thought it was true and the little girl really was missing. So now, I will probably have some doubts about any other missing child information I see posted publicly.

In MN a young boy named Jacob Whetherly was abducted by a stranger at gunpoint way back in 1986. And even after all these years, Jacob's family STILL doesn't know what really happened to him. Jacob's body was never found, and the last I heard about this was that the police still get reports from various parts of the country that say Jacob has been seen alive, and they still follow up on some of these, but never get any results. It must be torture for the family to not be able to have closure!!!
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I too remember..that case.... so sad...and the dru case......I live in Minn. and do not like the winters here...I would like to move were it is warm....
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