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kitten surprise

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here our new baybies. 1st one is a boy the person who's going to take him home named him Zoro for the light mask he has. we are not sure we want to part with them but we have 9 cats so....we didn't know she was preg - she wasn't showing at all she got a just a little fatter but nothing to say she's got something in the oven.
1 day old in these photos hpe you'll enjoy them.

and these are our new twins (real twins) i didn't think we'll ever have twins again but she had a surprise for us. boy and girl (Mary Lu for now) this time.

and here's a pic of mom

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They are so cute!
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Cute little babies and their Mom looks so proud.
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Aaawwww how cute
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How adorable!!!!!

Precious baby kittens.......
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Awwwwww mum and babies look sooo sweet
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Awww they are sooo sweet She looks like such a good mommy sitting so patiently
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Great pictures, great surprise!!!! I love little babies, they are sooooooo cute!!! And mommy also is very- very veryyyyyyy beautiful
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What sweet babies There's just something irresistible about kittens isn't there. And with a lovely mother like theirs, not doubt about it they're gonna grow up to be stunners.
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thanks everyone they are so cute they just opened their eyes and started waking around a little 2 days ago so the fun is about to start.
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