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Rowdy isn't afraid of the Devil, himself. When I vacuum, she goes under the bed, to keep Opie company.

Buddy isn't really afraid of anything, he just doesn't like some things (mainly, the dogs). Buddy will sit on top of a piece of furniture and watch me vacuum. He refuses to enter a room, containing a dog but will sit at the baby gate or in the window and tease them.

As mentioned, Opie dives under the bed, while the vacuum is going. Otherwise, he a pretty cool character.
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Originally Posted by cla517
Simon - everything! He only loves me and tolerates my husband. Of course, he loves Max, but I've seen Max sneak up on him and scare him too! Poor baby gets spooked easily.

Max is afraid of the vacuum monster but he only runs when it gets really close. It's almost like he going "I'm not afraid of that -- Ok, yes I am!"

Both run and hide when the doorbell rings.
I totally know what you mean. My baby Orei literlly is a "scardy cat" he is afraid of everything He is scared of my family,the vaccum,running people,loud noises. (You name it) He only trusts me and my sis Adranie. But Ilve my little scardy baby.
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I'm pretty sure Solaman is not afraid of anything. He will even let me take the brush attachment and vacuum his fur, he is a nut! Jack is still a kitten so he is still very brave but I can just tell that he is going to be more timid in nature than Solaman is. So far he only hides when the smoke alarm goes off, I think it is high time I clean the broiler part of my oven !
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Gus used to be fearless in his younger days, there wasn't a cat or dog in the neighborhood that hadn't felt his wrath but now..... he's afraid of spiders!
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Tigger and Habenaro are scared of...the vacuum, the disposal, running water, thunder, lightning....

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I've already posted once saying Jeeps isn't afraid of anything, then it hit me...... she's afraid of outside! If we open the front door and she's anywhere near it she'll charge into the living room and huddle until the door is closed
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Sierra is afraid of everyone except me with the exception of my parents. I suppose this is because she's been around them since she was a baby. She's especially afraid of men. If anyone visits or if a repairman has to come, she runs and hides under the covers, poor little baby. She's never shown any fear of any loud appliances or storms, but if she hears anyone outside or if the people upstairs are noisy she runs and hides.
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