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What is/are your cat(s) afraid of?

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Franz is very timid by nature, but this incident surprised me:

Brought home a bag of three rubber-like colorful mice, filled with catnip (which he doesn't care for, unless it's to eat.) They were squeakable as well. Took them out of the bag (no squeak yet) and he ran like hell under the bed. OMG I thought, I have a cat that's afraid of mice! Isn't that genetically imposible?

Funny, loud noises do not scare him, dropped book, pot cover, etc.,...even the poor dog next door who barks incessantly, cause the jerk that owns him leaves him out 24/7 doesn't even make him flinch!

What is your kitty afraid of?..........
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meow meow is afraid of sounds that are behind her.. like a sudden drop of things or what so ever...

boy boy is afraid of thunder and rainstorms... he hides till the sun comes out.. and we think he's afraid of being lonely, no playmates... cos he would always scream for us late in the night cos he wants to play and meow doesn't want to play with him..
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My cat Whiskey is afraid of hats lol...not baseball caps, they are ok but big hats like cowboy hats etc If anyone comes to our place wearing a big hat, regardless of whether he knows them/likes them or not, he will take one look at run straight under the bed.
So I have to tell people to take their hats off so as not to scare him!
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Plastic bags, cars, vets, men, people running at him, little kids and water!


Men and the outdoors.
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Rosie hates the sound of any thing dropping, and runs at the sound of me ripping tin foil off the roll.
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Gosh - our kitties don't seem to be scared of any noises (except the air can). They're intrigued by the squeaky mice, but can't figure out how to make them squeak. Spooky has a funny way of playing with toys - she'll back up to them and sit on them then flip them up with her back feet. Of course the squeaky mouse squeaked - and she whirled up and around to figure out where it came from - it was really very funny, but she wasn't scared of it, LOL!

Three of them used to be scared of the front door opening, but no longer. Spooky, who was abused, was afraid of sheets and blankets if carried (like on laundry day) - but she's gotten over that. (They must have tried to catch her by tossing blankets over her or something).

The only thing I can think of is - people! Anyone other than us, they're scared of. They're all feral rescues and we have very few visitors to our home, so they're not socialized at all. Even Flowerbelle, who was so outgoing as a kitten, has become scared of anyone in our home that isn't us.
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Miss Kitty is scared of thunderstorms. Be it the noise, static electricity, atmospheric pressure or what have you, she knows when a storm is coming long before we do. When she disappears into a closet or a cupboard we know it is time to rig for heavy weather.

Samwise is afraid of nothing -- nothing at all. He exhausted 8 of his 9 lives within the first hour of joining us here on the beach.
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Tigger and Eightball are afraid of any people other than us. I've had people stay over for a week without seeing either one of them. Pinky is scared of people for the first 2 hours, then he comes out of hiding like nothing has happened - you can almost set your watch by it.

I haven't noticed any fears in the rest of them, which is amazing since most are former ferals. The only time they go running is if something loud falls and crashes in the house (that one of them has knocked over), but there is Koko, who runs towards the noise rather than away - she is truely fearless.
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I can't really think of much Dori is scared of. She seems a little edgy when there is a thunderstorm, but that's about it. She is very inquisitive (sp?) so when anything happens like a loud noise, or if I bring something new into the house she wants to check it out. The only other animals she has been around is her brother and sister, I brought her for a visit one day. She didn't act scared, she just acted like a spoiled stuck up little kitty! I swear she had a look like, 'I am better than them'. It was so funny. Also, the other day I was dog sitting our neighbors dog, I brought her inside for a minute to see how Dori would react and she just ran over and sat very proudly about 10 feet from the dog and stared at it. I guess I have a brave little girl
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Jeepers used to be scared of the vacuum, but has figured out it never goes near her Now I guess she's afraid of nothing (that I know of)
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Gandalf is afraid of nearly everyone but me and my cousin. He runs and hides under the bed whenever anyone comes to visit, even my parents. Even though when we go visit them he runs right up to them to be loved on. He used to be afraid of the vacuum but now just glares at it when it runs.

Samwise is afraid of nothing but me turning on the bathroom sink. He likes to lay in front of the vanity but I turn the water on and he runs off, then runs right back in again when he figures out the water is running.
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Sash is afraid of nothing, I can't really think of anything. I guess going to the vet but he's not even that bad there.

Lisa & Sash
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I don't think much scares Charlotte. I know she doesn't like to be picked up and held...especially craddled. She definitely does not like the smell of onions because she runs like crazy once she gets a whiff of it. I don't know if that really counts as being scared though. Most humans would run too simply because the onion vapors get into their eyes and sting like crazy.
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They are both scared of the vacuum monster, but Trent will attack it right after it is turned off. If there is something new that makes noise, like when we first brought the fans home and turned them on, they are scared. Ophelia is scared of people besides us, she runs when the door opens. Our kitty-sitter in December never even saw a flash of white kitty-butt, Ophelia was so fast at hiding.
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Chaucer, one of my biggest cats is afraid of a cat sculpture I bought at the Homegoods store. He totally freaked when I put in the the kitchen, on the floor when I brought it home. He wouldnt even come in there to eat so I had to remove it. Its about 2 feet tall and its black with white stripes and big green eyes and he totally hates it, I had to hide it in my daughters closet. Its really cute but he hates it.
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Ummm, almost everything!!! Anything loud, big, people. I remember one night when I wanted to go to Virginia for a weekend, my mother and I were yelling at eachother and Pumpkin was circling us and growling! It was too funny!

The cats sometimes scare eachother....they're afraid of large gatherings of people at our house. 2nd to the vacuume cleaner, their biggest fear is Allie, my brothers dog. Allie likes to "play" but the kitties don't see it as playing!
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All my cats are afraid of the wind,even though they are indoors. Tara and Pebbles are afraid of any visitor except my daughter and they get frightened if someone knocks on the door very loudly.

Felix is the most laid back cat I have ever met, except for if it's windy, oh and he doesn't like me tearing tin foil.

Buttons is the smallest and she is very brave but she doesn't like the wind either.
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Most of mine don't have fears but those who do:

Ozzie & Baby.....just about everything
Zoe.....being touched when she doesn't know your going to....she can be staring at me and if she isn't watching my hand she'll jump when I touch her.
Whisper &Mystic....and loud noises
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It's almost impossible to predict what Jamie is going to be afraid of. For example, he's a thunderstorm freak - he sits out any thunderstorm on his enclosed balcony, and I usually have to drag him inside. Today he was afraid to walk past a bag of mulch my husband had left sitting next to our backdoor. He'll be five tomorrow, and I got him a "Panic Mouse" for his birthday, thinking he'd love it. I tried it out this evening, and his reaction was to sit about three feet away from it and watch the mouse "spin": apparently it's too "dangerous" to actually approach. When he's outside, I'm usually the only human who can approach him. He mauls his "Daddy" inside (sits on him, cleans his head, "helps" him play piano, etc.), but won't go near him outside. Our tenants' eldest daughter, who has had her own apartment since JC was about 4 months old, stopped by this evening to do her laundry. When she saw me walking him in the backyard, she came outside to talk. Instead of panicking, as he usually does, he was all over her. Cats can be very weird, and Jamie is weird even for a cat!
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Sphinx isn't afraid of anything - except maybe the vet. He gets very vocal - otherwise not much of a talker.

Kuce though is afraid of shoes, fireworks and related affects, other people (especially children under 10) except the immediate family, plastic bags and the vacuum (though much improved on the bags and vacuum.)

Both don't like earthquakes very much...... but they don't seem too afraid of thunderstorms.
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Shadow Is Scared Of Thunderstorms And Loud Noises
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Snoopy, my senior boy is afraid of nothing. He especially loves people. Shane is totally afraid of people, except for me. He wants nothing to do with anyone other than me, and he immediately hides if someone comes to my house. Simba, unfortunately, is follow after Shane's lead when it comes to visitors. He now hides the moment someone knocks on the door.
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Lily is pretty much afraid of everything! She can be one jumpy kitty. Particularly, the vaccuum and anyone who makes a lot of noise (even me and DH!)!

I'm curious to see how she's going to react to thunder.
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Lucy: afraid of nothing - that I can think of

Iggy: afraid of anybody but me and hubby and her sisters of course, the doorbell (even on tv) , vacuum monster

Zoey: afraid of the vacuum monster. I have two vacuums and one of them she is not afraid of
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Simon - everything! He only loves me and tolerates my husband. Of course, he loves Max, but I've seen Max sneak up on him and scare him too! Poor baby gets spooked easily.

Max is afraid of the vacuum monster but he only runs when it gets really close. It's almost like he going "I'm not afraid of that -- Ok, yes I am!"

Both run and hide when the doorbell rings.
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I can't even think of anything that Pepper is afraid of besides the rabbits lol! He is the boss of my great dane, but put him in the rabbit room and watch him run as fast as his little legs can carry him out of there! I thought he'd eventually get used to them, as rabbits and cats can often be friends, but nope, he really doesn't understand what they are and doesn't like to be around them.

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2 of my cats are absolutely terrified by the smell of rubber & car grease - my mechanic ex-boyfriend was mean to them (became EX quickly when I found out!). Even now, years later, they run terrified from my husband (who they adore) if he's been working on our car & tries to handle them without showering first.

But not much else scares them, except for really loud noises & overly rowdy people. They're not even scared of the vacuum cleaner - Felixia even likes to be vacuumed!

Mr. Underfoot recently attacked a stray young dog we briefly fostered when the dog became too rambunctious in the house - he really scared that poor dog! We really have to watch Mister, as he seems to have no idea of his size.
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Easy answer:

Squirt: everything

Joey: nothing
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Peedoodle - the vacuum cleaner, my coffee grinder, anything that makes a loud noise.

Kahu - he doesn't like it when people walk up to him behind him and touch him - he is deaf and he can't hear - if one wants to pet him, they have to make sure he sees them first because it startles him and he will run away. He is scared of strangers, especially people who smoke - if a person who is a smoker or smells like cigarettes, he will run away. Otherwise, he will try anything once.
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Simba the Siamese isn't afraid of of anything inside the house, except in my mother in law's house, he was afraid of sitting on her lap when she had the fire going. And, he's afraid of the noises of construction (we live in a development where houses are still being built). My other three are afraid of the the vaccuum-well Faline can tolerate it, she just gets up on a higher surface and looks at it, but Nala and Tiger run and Simba avoids it while it's on.
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