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My goodness, things are different!

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Hey guys! Goodness, things have changed around here! I'm gone for a month or two and I have to find my way around all over again, lol! I have once again gotten totally busy with my work and gone missing from TCS for a bit. It seems like I've been constantly in and out the past few months . . . I'll try to be better, lol.

The site looks fantastic. I don't know when it happened, but thanks TCS mods! You guys are great!

I only had a minute to stop in, I've got final exams this week, in the midst of continuing to work full time, and I'm moving this weekend/early next week, but I wanted to say hey cuz I've missed you guys! Hopefully by end of next week my life will have calmed down a bit and I'll have time to catch up on some thread reading!

Luna is huge now. Picture a giant white and gray ball of fluff with blue eyes, weighing in at about 11 or 12 lbs. Not bad given that she just had her 1-year old birthday in March! She's gorgeous, too. I'll see if I remember how to attach a couple pic's I have of her that I don't think y'all have seen yet.
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Here's a couple of her with once of her Christmas presents:

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And a couple more recent ones I took just to show some family members who live out of town what she looks like:

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Sorry you can't see her eyes in any of them! She HATES looking at the camera, for some reason, even with the flash off. I don't get it. I'll try to take some brand new ones once I move.

Well, back to studying, hopefully I'll be back in soon!
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I've noticed that frequently with many of the cats I have pictures of...

Basically what I've decided is that their reaction time is fast enough that their eyes close before the camera finishes taking the picture...most times.

Good luck with exams!

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Thanks, lol! I need it! I have Physics on Wednesday! Ick.
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Luna is georgous! what a pretty kitty! and a true fluff ball! I love her!
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Hey Viva!! It's good to see you again!!! Good luck on the exams, but I'm sure you'll do fine.

And of course, it's always nice to see pretty Luna!
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Hey Viva!

Nice to see you and Luna. Good luck for the exams and with shifting, can't wait until you post reguarly here again! See ya soon.
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hey! I was just thinking about you!

Glad to see you again! Good luck for your exams!
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I am sorry, that can't be Luna! She has gotten so BIG!!
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Viva, I can so relate to being so busy! I hope things calm down for you soon!!!!

And I'm sorry, but I have to agree with MA - THAT'S LUNA?????????????????? She is beautiful, but she is SO GROWN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always tell everyone that gets a kitty to take LOADS of pics those first six months, because it's just so true. They do grow up SO FAST!

Boy - she looks soooooooo soft!
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OMG!!!! Is that Luna. She sure has grown.

Glad to see you and Luna again.

More pics when you can get them please.
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Glad to see you back...I can't see the pics though, I guess it's because I am using my work computer! HA!
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Luna is stunning! She was such a sweet pretty kitten, I am with MA and LDG< I can't believe that she is so grown up! And so beautiful. She must be wonderful company for you.
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Thanks so much everyone! She's my sweetie. My boyfriend gets jealous. He says I mush on her more than I mush on him. What can I say? She's my baby, lol! (And she's cuter, but I don't tell him that . . . . )

And thanks for the vibes on the Physics final, lol. I think I did OK, I just took it this afternoon. Now it's on to moving and finishing up scholarship applications. Oi.
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I still can't see the pics...all I see are Red X's....????

Did you and your ex get back mentioned a bf, is that the same one you were going to marry?
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I cant see Luna either
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Ok, first sorry about the pic's guys, I don't know what the problem is, I think Sony Image Station must be having problems, cuz I'm posting the pic's the way I always have.

Candie - No, he's not the same one. Alex and I broke up back in October. He's wanted to work things out, but I told him no. After having some time away from him, I realized I was much happier and better off alone.

I have a new boyfriend. He and I met because he was in Alex's college dorm Freshman year, and we stayed friends afterwards. In November, a few weeks after Alex and I broke up, he asked me to go to the movies with him, which I thought was "just as friends", until he showed up with a red rose for me! It was really sweet. Anyway, he was really great and gave me space and time to get over Alex, let me take things at my own pace, etc.

I HAD planned to stay single for at least 6 months to a year (I just hit the 6 month mark in April, btw!). I dated other people, too, and with everyone else, I went on one or two dates, for fun, but no more so it wouldn't turn into anything. But with my boyfriend, Tom, he was so insanely polite and laid back (he didn't even try to hold my hand til the 3rd or 4th date), and plus we were already friends, so I felt comfortable with him . . . and figured there was no harm in going on a FEW more dates with him, since he's so much fun to be around . . . We went off on Christmas break and were separated for about 3 weeks, and only talked on the phone once or twice. During that time I decided we'd dated long enough and it was time for me to tell him I didn't want to see him anymore, so I wouldn't get into another relationship . . . and then I saw him when I got back into town and realized I already really liked him and didn't want to cut things off. So much for my brilliant plan of not having another relationship for awhile, hehe. Not that I regret it now, of course, I am quite happy with him. Anyway, we've been a couple officially since late January.

P.S. -- Luna adores him, too, which was mandatory after like Date #4. It's sad because he's allergic to her, so he has to take Zyrtec when he comes to see me. He still plays with her though, which earns him big points in my book!
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Good for you Viva - hope everything turns out well for your both. Thats what happens - it just sneaks up on you when you least expect it! Looks good that he plays with Luna despite the allergy
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Can you send me some pics of her...I would love to see how big she has gotten! Congrats on your dating situation, I am glad things are going so well for you!!
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I wasn't here when you were here before but I have to say that is one beautiful cat.
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OMG VIVA! She's gorgeous!! She is one cute furrball! hehe
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Great to see you around Viva!

I could only get one of the pictures to show - Luna looks great!

Best of luck with the rest of the exams - hope you'll find time to pop in here from time to time!
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Yes, good luck of those exams,and we are so glad you were able to stop by and say hi! We have all missed you! Stop by again,sometimes okay?
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