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Ads in Spanish!

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I had been seeing that the ad space occupied on top of the site is by Ad Council (of the U.S. government).... but I don't care about that.... I just noticed that many of those ads are in Spanish! The ones in Spanish... those are the ones that attract my attention a lot!

Tell them to keep on the good work with Spanish ads (for here they are working) and if they wish they can forget about ads in English.

But the truth is, that those ads really catch my eye... and make me click them.
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Glad you're enjoying them Victor

Actually you have very likely seen the ad in Spanish because your IP address tells the ad company software that you live in a Spanich speaking location. It's called geo-targetting. When I search Google for example, I often get ads showing up in Hebrew because Google can tell I'm from Israel. Ain't the internet wonderful?
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I see.... now I understand why when I search Google I get a lot of results in Spanish even if I made the search in English!

The internet is wonderful!
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I was wondering about that - when I do a "worldwide search", almost all the hits are in English and German, although I usually enter English terms.
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