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Bacon grease in cat fur

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Yesterday Scotch jumped on the kitchen counter and knocked over a jar that had bacon grease in it (why it was there - long story). He got it all over his back legs and tummy. I washed him last night with Dawn where the grease was, and then his regular shampoo, but the hair is still matted and oily looking. If I wash him again it will be his third bath in one week, and I don't want to do that unless I am 100% sure it will work this time. Any suggestions?
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Is he an amiable bather...or does he absolutely hate it?

Sounds like the oily spots need some soaking in an oil remover. Any soap/shampoo will eventually work, but the weaker the concentration of soap the longer it will take, and the more repeat applications.

If you can wash him without him putting up a horrible fight, I would see how long you can get him to tolerate the shampoo on the oily areas, and then wash it off, and repeat if necessary.

My thoughts...based on my experience with automotive oil in my hair in the past.

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Believe it or not, using Crisco shortening will take the bacon grease out of his fur. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and then take a towel warmed up in your dryer or microwave and rub it off. Brush him for about 10 minutes, then towel him off again with a warmed towel.
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He is actually not such a bad bath cat... but he hates getting dryed and brushed. I think he would actually rather run around dripping and lick himself dry than let me wrap him in a towel for a long time! Thanks for the tip on the Crisco, I might try that if another bath won't work... I am getting ready to move, so buying another cooking product is last on my list. Thanks for the help!!
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There is a thread in here somewhere about how we have to bathe Samwise, a Turkish Van cat who has the oily coat typical of Turkish Vans, "The Swimming Cat." We use 50% "Goop" and 50% shampoo, followed by another bath with just shampoo.

Found it: Here.

Goop, white, not orange, mixed with shampoo should do the trick for you.

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