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Cassie and Craig (?)

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ComeOut; Come Out; Where ever you are. . . . :jarswim: The last I remember hearing from these kids, they were moving into a new apartment away from the busy city into the surrounding hills of San Francisco. Did you go on an extended holiday to recover from moving ? Are you having computer hook-up problems ? I hope nothing is wrong (i.e. Cassie's headaches) Has something here at TCS angered you ?
(I DO hope not) Please, check in if you see this post. If anyone else knows anything please tell me. I miss these two "refreshing" young spirits. Maybe Cassie decided to start some computer classes and is just really busy right now. :dali:
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I've also been wondering about Cassies whereabouts.

Probably just busy with the moving and all the changes.

Would be nice to see her again...soon!
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I think I remember Cassie saying that it may take them awhile to get hooked back up to the internet.....

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By the way, I sometimes email members that we haven't heard from in a while. A good way to do that is to visit this page:

And just go down the list. If you see a name that you miss, don't be shy and email them. Sometimes people just drift away from the internet, but they usually all still check their emails.

Just a thought.
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Airprincess is right. I remember Cassie saying in a post that the new isp might take up to one month to hooked up. So, she might not even be able to check e-mail right now.
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I too miss Cassie...let's hope she gets that internet hooked up soon!!
I wish I had her phone number just to call and check on her. I miss her, too!
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