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Heat wave!

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We're having a heat wave on the west coast! It's really hot. Poor kitty was just slouching around yesterday, I think he doesn't know what to make of it. I tried putting some water on his back but he didn't like that He does like the fan a lot though!
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102 degrees on my back patio. And it's April. I can hardly wait for July.
Cats are napping on beds all over the house under the A/C vents.

The only one that's stupid enough to go outside is the guy doing the yardwork.

Wait..........That's ME!!!!

Thank God for A/C.
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Yep it is pretty dang hot. The cats were being extra lazy yesterday
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Yup extra warm in CA yesterday and especially today. All my animals are flopped on their sides trying to wait it out!
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Hey guys, send some heat and sunshine my way! I'm in MN and we did have one day a couple of weeks ago when the temperature got up to 82 degrees, and this Wednesday the temperature is predicted to go up to 82 degrees again, but Thursday's high will be about 60. Most of the time the temperatures have been in the 50's and 60's and it's been really damp, cloudy, windy and rainy. Gray skies get really boring after a while...
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We'll be happy send you about 25 degrees. Open your arms it comes.

Please feel free to keep it as long as you like.

5:50 PM and still 95 degrees.
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You can set out large bowls of ice in front of your fans so the breeze blowing in is cooler- leave some water in your bathtub and sink so that kitty can drink, and or get her paws wet. Wrap her up in a damp towel versus dunking water on her. If she starts open mouth panting, or gets lethargic or starts stumbling around, wrap her in a wet towel and get her to the vet.

Also float some toys or ice cubes in her water to encourage her to drink more-
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It's hot here too! I love this weather!!!
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I actually am enjoying this one too. It's not that hot really.
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Yep, it's been super hot for the last few days. I hope it doesn't cool down to the 70's again, I love this 90 degree weather. I think it will be cooling down, though.
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It was really nice and sunny and warm here in Georgia this weekend . . . now we're having rain. Lots of it. Blah.
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It's been pretty cool here. windy today, but sunny. I can stand the 70 degree weather, so can the cats. they get to sit on the porches and soak up the sun, something they can't do in the winter. (and I know they miss it because they sit by the doors and cry to go out on the porches during the winter poor cabin fevered kitties ) but now since it's been fairly warm they go out when ever I can let them.
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It reached 100 degrees F at 3pm PDT on Monday and its suppose to be the same on Tuesday.

Sphinx is enjoying the warm weather and Kuce is enjoying the a/c.
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I hate it is so hot and miserable on the West coast. Here in NC on the coast, we have that about 3 months a year, (with about 95% humidity) and I hate it. I want to go back to the midwest soooo bad, even though I am originally from GA. Those 2 years in Kansas City were the only time in my 45 years I have seen 4 distinct seasons. It has mostly been 9 months of heat and 3 months of no swimming.
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It snowed this morning, about 45 minutes from here, and they even predicted that we might see some snow.

I like winter, but not in April - almost - May.
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Down here in El Cajon (east of San Diego) it got up to 105 yesterday. I was dying so I'm glad Toes is still in winter territory. Today we still broke a record and got up to only 97. It's 4.30pm and it's 76. That is SOOOO nice!
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I live in AZ and believe me, I am NOT looking forward to summer. We have had a couple of 92 days so my A/C is on already and this is just April. In the summer, we start around 103 and go up to 117.
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