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New Arrival Coming!

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Franz and I are getting a roomate! Yesterday I mentioned that we thought it was time for a companion for Franz, I contacted the shelter (foster home) I got Franz from and heard from the owner last night. The one cat I wanted Petit Ma (one-eyed) has been rescued by a vet tech so is no longer available. However there is another one-eyed girl waiting for us. She is about a year old...otherwise healthy. I am so glad it is the same shelter I got Franz from, Joann, the owner that Franz has gotten along with every cat she had..and she had Franz for a year. He even got along with the dogs. I saw evidence of this the other day at our PetCo adventure, but it was nice to hear. Hopefully our intro won't be too complicated.

Now I haven't even seen our new girl...not even a pic on their website yet, but I'm already thinking about names. I still do like Petit Ma, and I like Madeline (after the book) and would probably shorten that to Maddy-Meow. Any suggestions??? This might change once I see her, but I love thinking up names!!! Would love some suggestions from the French Canadians here---ooh-la-la!!!
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Congratulations! Im glad there are people like you out there willing to adopt a one eyed cat (I know a lot of people that wouldn't) so props to you!
Im sure she'll get along with Franz just fine after a proper introduction.
Let us see pics when you get her


Oh I think you should name her Mitsubishi
ok mabye not...
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The only one I can think of is Cherie.

Goold luck with the intros., but it sounds as if it will all go fine.
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Congratulations!!! I'm sure your little superstar will enjoy having a consort.
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My congrats to you and Franz . I am so happy for both of you .

How about "Mon Cherie"
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Hmmm..... how about Spanish names..... MarÃ:censor:a, Victoria, Luisa, Adriana, Yolanda, Juana.... like those?

Or French names.... Marie is the only one I can think of right now.
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Yeah! Can't help you with the French Canadian names, I'm sure you'll think of something
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Awwww bless the one eyed little beauty and well done both of you for taking her
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