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Positive thoughts and board magic needed, please!

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Hubby has been waiting for a court date for the last 2 years to hear his case - he was not provided with an interpreter at a meeting a few years ago and the people who screwed this up are blaming him for it, trying to say it was his fault and not theirs which is not true - I cannot get into the specifics of the case for legal reasons but in a nutshell, we need those positive thoughts as he finally got a court date in administrative court next week. He just called them and said to provide an interpreter - I don't know if they will, it will be interesting to find out. The town where it happened, is famous for not wanting to provide interpreters - since the 70s, they have been very resistant to doing so - the one time they did provide an interpreter, she was not even certified - she was a friend of one of the workers who just happened to know some sign language and we had trouble understanding her!
Anyways, if he wins this case, it will make life easier on us and hopefully it will be a wake up call to those people not to walk all over deaf people - we are not the only ones that have had this happen to them.

I know it is selfish, but we do need those positive vibes and then we can get on with our lives without this thing hanging over us and focus on moving to NZ and so on.

I hope this makes sense.....

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I am sending good thoughts and well wishes your way! I hope that everything goes well!
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Sending positive vibes your way Kellye!!
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Sending good vibed for you and your husband I really hope it all works out for you
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Kellye--Hope all goes well. I hate it when people walk over deaf people. I know some people that have such a hard time in the world because people are not understanding as they should be. Good luck with this!
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I know the court is supposed to provide the interpreter, but plan ahead. Is there a school for the deaf near you that would be able to send someone??
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Thanks guys....Sweets - we have been in touch with a guy who is a deaf services specialist, hopefully he will be available to help out. Fingers Crossed.
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You know prayers are heading from me to you! I hope everything turns out the way you want!
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Good luck with the case
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I can't see as any of that is selfish Kellye. Plenty of good vibes coming your way. Good Luck.
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Kellye I'm sending you guys lots of good vibes and thoughts for this to go well so you can focus on your move!
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Good luck Kellye. Sending positive thoughts your way!
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Sending positive vibes, Kellye. I hope it goes well this time!
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Sending you both positive thoughts and prayers for success in this.
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