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drooling kitty

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I have a weird problem that has just started with Chester. He used to be quite stand-offish, but the last few months, he has been very very affectionate, and also will drool all over you when you pet him. You'll be petting him, then all of a sudden, you are soaked!! Anyone ever heard of this? He does it to my boyfriend all the time, not so much to me.
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My cat Whiskey does this all the time!!! But he's always done it...ever since he was a kitten. He jumps onto my lap and kneads me and then starts to drool all over me,,,,,lol I LOVE when he does this!!!
I'm not sure why cats do this....drooling, but I once heard that kittens who are taken away from their mums too early have this behavoir (I dont know if this is true) And I'm curious to know why your baby has started to do this now....Anyone have any answers??????
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Some cats just REALLY get into being petted. Two of my six cats are droolers.
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My TammyTimmy used to snuggle under my arm in my goosedown vest when we lived in New Hampshire. Once we were settled, we would go for a walk in the woods. I wold pet her and tell her how beautiful she was, and drool, you never saw such drooling. She never drooled in the house and she got plenty of lovings, but on our walks, I had to wash my vest after every walk. I still miss her so terribly.
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We had Stubbins, whom we adopted when she was 5 (her tail was amputated somehow when she was a kitten, hence the name) and she was a drooler; well, not really a drooler, I always thought it was her nose that was wet. But she was also a hugger (one paw on either side of your neck) and so when she would cuddle like that and drool, you'd feel this wet trickle down your neck (ew!) She was a doll, though!
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