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Trimming Claws

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Can someone please give me advice on trimming claws? Whenever we go to trim Sagwa, Sarobi, and Cringer's paws it is a BIG problem to say the least. First, we have to actually catch them. Then, we have to hold them down to trim their claws. When we're done they go running through the house and hide. How can we make this easier on them? Also, how do you trim a claw that has the quick all the way to the end of it? We've been ignoring those and focusing on the ones we can trim.

And what about our cat Angel? She has never had her claws trimmed...as we are afraid of her reaction. She's 9 years old and came from a negelctful home. In fact....we found out that she was hit by a car once and not taken to a vet, and now her black claws don't retract because her feet were broken and were never set by a vet. I'd like to at least trim her front claws. Any advice?
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I wait until Jeepers is asleep, grab a towel, pick her up, wrap her in the towel and I can usually clip all her front claws before she knows what's going on

Other than that you'll need to grab a friend, get your friend to hold the kitty wrapped in the towel and quickly clip the claws, you may find you need to do this a couple of times because you only get a couple each time.

Afterwards spoil with treats and cuddles that way you kittys will associate clipping with treats
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Some cats will learn to tolerate it if you treat them like kittens--get them used to having their legs petted, then their paws petted, then their paws picked up, then their nails out, then their nails clipped... Treats help with this And yeah, clipping one or two at a time does work.

I don't think this will ever work with Kitty. He's declawed (I would've stopped them if I knew of him when they did it!), and we leave back nails fairly long in case they ever slip out and need to climb up a tree, but when we do help with his nails we do it when he's veeeery sleeeeepy ^^

Robin's much better. She really likes my friend, so he pets her head while I do her nails, and she'll usually stay still for it even when fully awake.

I never heard of a claw with the quick all the way through. Is that abnormal? Did you ask your vet about it?

Does Angel still take care of her black claws? Most cats will trim hind nails themselves with their teeth. If she stopped doing that, you'll need to help out more frequently, I think.
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Be ye warned, though: this will require MUCH patience. push things too fast and all you wind up with is claw marks and a MAD kitty!! My Bella is eight, and I"ve tried over the last two weeks to get her used to having her paws handled, but when I tried to extend her claws even very gently she started to bite, and even with only three canine teeth left this HURTS!
So now I'm back to square one, because now when I get near her paws she says "No way" and starts to nip and she even hissed at me last night! I guess I should've taken my friend up on his offer to help (He's the only one who can scratch her belly w/o getting clawed, she adores him) instead of being my independent self and trying to do it alone.
I'm still open to suggestions!!!!
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I clipped my kitties nails for the first time a few weeks ago. Well, a couple of months ago I tried, but they quickly discovered that if they squiggled backwards, they could be freed. But a few weeks ago, Buffy was great, though I needed my sister there to hold her, as she kept moving her claws out of my reach. But she quickly calmed down, and it was no problem to squeeze her paws gently to get those claws out, and then I trimmed as good as I could, both my sister and i heaping the praise on Buffy. So its no trouble with her.

However, with Willow, it's slightly different. She's always hated having her feet touched, especially the back feet, so be prepared for a sudden squeal and a nasty nip on your hand, which will be followed by her trying her hardest to jump as high as she can, and if she is sucessful, you'll spend about an hour chasing her throughout the house. But I find that if I wrap her in a towel, she completely calms down. When I touch her toes, she doesn't squeal, doesn't protest. But then again, maybe its because I have the towel over her face? She can't see it, so maybe its like with horses in barn fires? (cover their eyes, and they'll follow you out of the barn). But she does so well, though if I take too long on her back feet, she'll let me know. If I go through her back feet as quickly as God will let me. But it works
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To those who freak, we do it while they're asleep. With four cats who freak and just one who doesn't, and being able to only clip one or two claws at a time before they wake up, I find that I'm clipping a couple of claws a day - because by the time I'm done with all the cats, it's time to clip again, LOL!

We tried the wrap, clip and then treat method. The only one it worked for was Lazlo, and there the treat that worked was giving him some brushes after each claw clipped (he LOVES being brushed). Now I can do one paw at a time before stopping to give him brushes.
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