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3 down!!

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Softie is having her kittens! So far she has had a black and white, a grey and white, and either a calico or another grey and white(it's hard to tell, it's still wet!).... I went out to check on her at about 1:00am and called her many times. Just as I was going to come in, I heard a meow, and I followed her calls until I found her to where I suspected she would have them, next to the barn, under some sheet metal. She already had two born, and was starting to have another, and the other two were lying on the cold ground, so I brought her and the kittens into my sunroom. I can't bring them right into the house because or allergies, but I thought the sunroom was better than nothing and warmer too! So 3 down.... ??? to go!! I'll keep you guys updated... She's much closer to keep an eye on too. And I've taken a gel pack and warmed it, and put it under a towel for the first two to warm them up. They all look great... I got to watch the 3rd one be born, and I was SOOO happy when she meowed her first meow!!! I was holding my breath waiting....
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OMG!! I wish I was there to see her give birth!! WTG Sophie!
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wooohoooo Softie !! good girl!! Keep up the good work Rescuekitty!! cant wait to hear about all the new babies once they are born
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They are all attempting to try to get milk, and from the looks of it there are at least 2 more in there waiting to get out!?
One more "bubble" is peeking out... Gotta run
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How exciting!! Congrats on the new babies!! Thanks for the updates
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One more down! And it feels like and looks like there are several more in there!
This one is black and white... just born, I can't tell how much white yet, but maybe a tuxedo!!! If I get my tuxedo, I'll be ecstatic... Not that I aren't already!?!

Proud Grandma here!
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Five down!!! I think this one is a light orange... or a whitish colour... Not sure, too wet!
Boy, the third one that I thought was grey and white or a calico is actually a light orange and white. Her name should be lungs, she screams like she definately has them and they're working WELL!!!
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you have had a big night there havent you!!
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Have we ever!!! I think it might be a little while til the next one. Softie is quite tired after all of this, and she is having a little nap right now... I know there is at least one more in there though, as I can feel it. I think she's only going to have 6 though... Which is fine with me, I'm so excited right now. I've never seen kittens being born before, nevermind my own cat having them!
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I could imagine - I would be so excited too.
Have you got someone with you?

You have done a great job - and it goes with out saying that softie has done an AMAZING job - she deserves a little rest!!
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Thanks, Kate! She's being a great mom. She's taking a nap now, and letting the kittens attempt to get something to drink, where before she was squirming and wriggling around, and leaving the kittens alone after cleaning them up. They were all huddled on the heat pack
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Originally Posted by huggles
I could imagine - I would be so excited too.
Have you got someone with you?

You have done a great job - and it goes with out saying that softie has done an AMAZING job - she deserves a little rest!!
Nope, I'm all alone, everyone else knows, but is asleep Missing all the action. They keep telling me off for making so much noise! LOL
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how could they sleep? not a hope I would be able to sleep at a time like this!!
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Rescuekitty, how exciting to be reading this. You must be overjoyed. Clever Softie Coming back in a few minutes to see what is happening.
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That's 6!!!
I think this is the last one. She is a light orange/whiteish colour as well. This one's a fighter. Softie had her and as she was coming out, she was moving around and squirming inside her sac , and I was just watching, and then Softie started licking her, and I looked down and she wasn't moving... I started to panic, and thought oh no!!!! I had read lots about what to do in a problem situation on the internet, and I picked the little one up and I put it's head between my fingers and shook it downward a couple of times... it then kind of coughed and made a couple funny noises, but then went limp again... So I did it again, and it started to move a little and make a few more noises, so I started to rub it vigorously with a towel... She is a little fighter alright... She started squirming, and let out a loud MEOW!!! I've never been happier to hear a meow in my life... I feel sure that if I hadn't been there, she would not have survived ... I think it's a she anyway lol
I'm going to keep an eye on her for another hour or so anyway, just to make sure there's no more, but I can't feel anymore... And she looks done, . She's letting them all attempt to get a drink and crawl all over her...
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Any name ideas for the little fighter? She needs a tough little name!
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Rescuekitty what a marvellous job you have done. Bet Softie is so proud. 6 new kitties how wonderful. I've no imagination as far as names are concerned but bet you get a lot of suggestions coming your way.
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Maybe Angel? I know it's not tough, but if I hadn't been there, she would have been a real angel...?? What do you think?
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That is lovely and Angels have to be tough to be able to help us. You've saved her life
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She still seems to be a little behind the other babies. They are all up trying to get something to eat, and she is just kind of laying there... Is there anything else I can do for her? It may be just because she was last born, but the other ones were a lot quicker getting going as well when they were just born.... I'll look it up on the internet and see if I can find something! In the meantime, if anyone knows if there's anything I can do for her, PLEASE let me know!!
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I am no expert. Have you tried putting the tiny one on to Mom? I'm going to read up on it. If I don't come back to you it is because I am having terrible problems moving about the site. It keeps on cutting me off and it takes me ages to get back in again. Hissy may come on to you. But I'm off to have a look.
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Originally Posted by Cilla
I am no expert. Have you tried putting the tiny one on to Mom? I'm going to read up on it. If I don't come back to you it is because I am having terrible problems moving about the site. It keeps on cutting me off and it takes me ages to get back in again. Hissy may come on to you. But I'm off to have a look.
I have tried that.... She seems to be getting the hang of things better now... Thanks though. BTW, I am having the same problem with the site. And it won't let me see pages or takes a long time for them to load...
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I think I'm going to head to bed now. She seems to be doing much better, but as for me, it's almost 6:00am here, and I've yet to get to bed
The babies are just adorable though... So for the count... This is what colours they were when they dried!
1st-before 1:00am-Grey and white
2nd-before 1:00am-Black and white
3rd- about 2:00am-Orange and white
4th-3:15am- Whitish colour, like a Beige
5th- 3:46am-Grey
6th-4:15am-light orange(or maybe another whitish one, she's not quite dry yet.) This is my little Angel!

And I got to see 4 of them be born! YAY!! My first kittening went well, and all are looking good and relaxing together... A few of the kittens were actually nursing when I last checked, not just trying like they were before.

So, I'm off to bed! G'night Cilla!
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Night Kitty rescue. Job well done. Hooray for Angel

In case you do need it, I found this.

Feeding is the most important thing in your kittens health. You must feed the right amount, and not over feed him, and you can't feed too fast either. For the first 2 days if it is possible the kittens should be on their mothers milk, so they could get some antibodies from diseases, and nutrients that only mom's milk can provide. For the 1st days you should feed them with a bottle, syring, or an eye dropper. Feed them very slowly or their lungs will fill with milk.

Bottle- This method is slow but effective. Make sure you put a small hole at the top. If milk comes out of his nose, the hole is to big. You must go get another bottle. Check to see the amount of formula is in the bottle to see if they are actually getting milk. The kitten will stop sucking when he/she is full.

Syringe- I don't like this method that much. I fed my kittens with a sryinge and the milk got all over them. If you are going to use a syring make sure you are pushing very, very gently. When the kitten bubbles at the mouth he is finished

Eyedropper- This is my favorite method, It's quick, easy and most important NOT MESSY!! When the kitten MEOWS put the tip in it's mouth. squeeze the top a little bit so he knows there is milk in there. But after he starts sucking, then don't push anymore. Just let him drink it out. When the kittens bubbles formula at the mouth, or stops drinking he is finished. The only down side is you have to refill it several times, and it can get a bit confusing on how many times you fed him. But it is a very good method.

Tube- This is when a tube is surgically inside the kitten. You put the food inside the tube and it goes to the stomach. It's very fast and easy. There is no worry about feeding to fast. Make sure you measure the right amount of milk before you put it in. The only problem with this is IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE. Especially if you have a whole litter of kittens to care for. Go to your vet if you want to get the tube.

Remember to warm the milk before you give it to the kittens. Do not over feed, because it will cause diariah. Diariah is deadly to a orphan kitten, especially since it doesn't have immunitys that is only provide by the mother's milk. Signs of diariah is liquidy stools. Yellowish stools are normal for a new born kitten. If you think he has diariah go to a vet. After you bottle,syringe, or eyedrop feed, burp the kitten. Put the kitten on your shoulder, and rub it and gently tap the back of the kitten until you hear a tiny burp. Why doesn't a real mom cat burp her cats? Well the bottles, syringes, and eyedroppers have air bubbles in them which the kitten swallows. In order to take the gas out of his stomach you must burp the kitten to release the gas.

Follow this feeding chart

Age in Avg. weight Amount of Number of
weeks of kitten formula per day feeding per day
1 4 oncues 32 cc 6
2 7 ounces 56 cc 4
3 10 ounces 80 cc 3
4 13 ounces 104 cc 3
5 1 pound 128 cc 3

Check the age of your kitten. Divide the amount of formula per day and the number of feeding per day. That will give you the amount to feed the kitten. Feed the kittens that are a few days old every 3-4 hours or on demand. Kittens that are 1-2 weeks old every 3-4 hours. Kittens that are 3-5 weeks old feed every 6-8 hours. Never, ever, ever feed you kittens cow milk. It doesn't contain the nutrients your kitten needs. They will slowly starve to death on cow's milk. If it is at all possible try to find a cat that just had babies or is pregnent, or has kittens, so she can take care of the kittens. You could also look for a dog. We found stray kittens before, and my grandmother's dog just had puppies, so she still had milk. Her dog nursed the kittens. Do not feed a cold kitten, and do not give a kitten cold milk. Always make sure it is warm.
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Please let us know how Angel, Softie and other kitties are after your well earned sleep.
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They are all well, and it looks as if Angel is catching up to the others. She has strong lungs as well , but not as strong as the other little orange and white one...
6 happy, healthy little kittens. Proud Grandma here!
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O gosh I missed the hole fun . But I am so happy that your girl finaly had her baby's . My congrats to both , you and the mom . I hope your little "Angel" is doing well . Keep us posted how things are going and thank you for sharing with us all .
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You better start snapping some pictures once you've caught up on all your rest heheh If there is one thing people love here on TCS...it's pictures of new kittens!

Glad everything went well and that everyone is so healthy and happy!

Congrats again

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