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New design for the site

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I decided to get rid of the annoying and good for nothing banners and changed the site's logo. I hope you like the new design...
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Hi Anne,

I like it, much "cleaner" that way. The logo is great!

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Hey Anne - Looks great to me love!!
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I love the new logo -- fits it purrfectly!
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Wow -!!
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I'm glad you like it! I wasn't sure about having pictures of cats that look directly at you. I don't want it to grab too much attention plus it's not polite in catiquette
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I like it a lot, Anne. Good Job!
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I think it grabs just enough attention! Looks really good..... Have you thought about doing it for the main page, too? I think that would look really good!
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Anne; I am in favor of anything that gets rid of the banners. :pinky: Did the site really make that much off of them as it was? I think not. What disgusted me was the tendancy to "inadvertently" click on them while waiting for the page to load, and before you realize it you are "Knee Deep" in propaganda. . . . . . :jarswim:

Thanks for the new design!
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It's all over the site including the main page. If you still see the old design you need to refresh the page in your browser. TLK, the banners were bringing in aprx. 1-2$ a month Definitely not worth it!

I am now looking for sponsors for the site. That would mean an announcement at the top of the page which said "this site is sponsored by" or something to that account. As the site grows it takes up more storage space and bandwidth and my host wants me to move to a dedicated server soon (several hundreds a month!) so I really need to find some sponsors soon... But no banners!
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Excellent job...as always Anne!

Looks terrific, and you can never see too many Cats!
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Anne....I love the new design!!! Let us know how everything goes with getting a sponser...I wish there was some way I could help.
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Anne the new design is lovely,its very welcoming,all those lovely cats looking down at us.

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I like the logo bar, very nice.

I was just wondering, that third cat from the left, is that a particular breed? Looks like a racoon or a panda to me . . .

Also, who are you considering for sponsors? Just curious. I wouldn't begin to know how to recruit sponsors, so it's very interesting to me . . .
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'm pretty sure that cat is a Ragdoll. They sometimes have this kind of facial mask. I actually know a ragdoll called Pandi that looks like that

I am going to email all sorts of sponsors. Basically every business that sells cat products.
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Hi Anne :angel2::daisy:

I thought the site looked different! Anne, it looks fantastic...If there is anyway, we can help you...I wish you'd let us know :angel2:

PS..I thought you might like this...I thought it was soooooooo cute!
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Yeah, the web site looks much better without the banner advertisements! Thank you! (I'm sorry they didn't prove worthwhile, of course, in light of the expenses you incur.) PUHLEEZE do not go the pop-up route! I'll take banners any day over pop-ups. All right-thinking people instinctively hate pop-ups.

I love the cat-scan idea on the front page! After all, what can one do in the face of a row of staring cats? They're rather like a gauntlet of strict teachers with switches at the ready in case we get out of line!

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