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Hello, this is my first time here...I have no idea where to turn. I have been searching the web with no answers to be found. My pregnant cat "Sami" started contractions around 4:30 this afternoon. After an hour and a half and with my help she finally delivered a stillborn. The face had been presented for about 30 mins before I realized it was a face. There was not any sort of sac. Since then she has been acting completely normal but has not delived any more kittens. For that matter she does not seem to be in labor either. Is this normal? Could she have miscarried that one and will have the rest of the litter when their time is right? I don't know what to do. It's 1:15 am...no vet to call on sunday!

Any suggestions?
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No ER vet clinics near you? Any time there is a problem with the delivery, such as a stillborn, you are best off going to the vet. And this certainly constitutes an emergency.
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It is possible to just deliver one kitten. If the next kitten born is not breathing grasp it with it's body in your hand and the head between your fingers. Swing you arm down abruptly, make sure to hold on firmly. This should remove any mucous in the mouth and nose. Wipe it away and massage the kitten vigorously with a dry towel.

If mom isn't in destress or trying to push our another kitten she is OK. I have heard of kittens being born a day or two after the first kittens were... You won't need to panic unless she is straining to push out a kitten.

A vet check tommorrow is in order to see if there are any other kittens, and or infection.
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nothing til morning...but as I mentioned before, she is acting normal...as if nothing is wrong. I did read that stillborns are not abnormal either though. Also that a queen can have part of a litter one day and the rest the next. That's where I am confused.
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then is it safe for me to get some sleep??? Sorry never had a pregnant pet before. Heck I was in Florida til 1 week ago...when I left, I had no idea I even had a pregnant cat!!!
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If there is an ER Clinic even a distance from you, it would be a safe thing to at least call them. They should ask you all the right questions, listen to your answers and advise you from there.
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I just spoke to the vet...they seem to think that as long as she is not acting abnormal or lethargic, weak, restless, or anxious...there is no need to worry. Once she displays any of these behaviors or seems distressed she needs to be taken to the vet immediately. I wonder if it's time to listen and relax or call a different vet and insist she be seen.
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UPDATE...Still no more kittens, it's now 24 hrs since the still born. I have made an appointment, she will see the vet tomorrow which was the soonest they could get her in. She seems fine although still pregnant. Guess i'll keep an eye on her and keep my fingers crossed!
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Good luck tomorrow pookakitten
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hope everything goes ok with her she may only have the one kitten or may be blocked in some way although she seems to be doing ok it is a good thing that you are taking her in let us know how it goes
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Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and support. Sami went to the vet today and it turns out there was only one kitten. So although we are dissapointed we are happy that she is alright. Thank you again!
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pooka PLEASE get your kitty spayed. Especially in light of the fact that she had a stillborn kitten. You will prolong her life by spaying her as well.
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As a matter of fact she's there now! We opted to leave her for surgery after the exam showed she was no longer pregnant. Thanks!
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Thank you, it was a wise decision-
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