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Havahart Traps???

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Are these any good??I have been watching ebay for a good cheap trap and this is pretty much what I am finding.

So,anyone that has experience with these or know anything good/bad about them please let me know.I don't want to waste my money on something that isn't worth a dime.
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We used one efficiently and safely to catch a feral who had gotten into our attic. He was terrified of us and we could not get near him. The problem was that we had to buy a second Havahart because the first one was too short, and when the Tom got hungry enough to trip the trap his tail was so long it held the door open. We got a larger trap (big enough for a large wild animal) and the next time Tom got hungry it caught him. Nor harm to anything other than his pride.
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Our Humane Society uses them for their TNR projects and they work great. Tomahawk has one with a quick release back door that is easier to get the cat out, but their trip mechanism is more stubborn (and doesn't always work). I would recommend them.
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Havaheart is the brand I have always used. I agree with Jim, make sure you get a long one, because the short ones won't work.
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One of the caretakers at the feral cat clinic swears by Tomahawk...she says that Havaheart traps are very noisy when they shut making it difficult to trap other cats. I think as long as you get a long trap that works for you..the brand isn't as much of an issue.

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I used a large Hav-a-heart trap to catch all my ferals. They are strong, but the cats don't get hurt.
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Tru-catch, yeah, HouseofCats, I've heard several people say they like those traps. We use Tomahawks. We have a couple of Hav-a-Harts (donated by people who came to us saying, they used them to trap and found it difficult) but they don't get called into action very often.

Like Katie says, use the one that you can find readily and that seems to work for you! If you could find a way to use one and see how you like it, that would help -- maybe, buy ONE of 'em on Ebay and see?
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If there are quieter traps, I'd go that route. We use Haveahart traps, and they are noisy. But they do work. We got a long one, and we can release the animal from either end, which is important because out here in the woods we end up trapping possums and racoons. Racoons are mean animals, so we love being able to choose which end to open to let them out.
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Thanks for the replies everyone.
Sorry it took me so long to reply back,just had a lot going on lately.

I had been checking Ebay,but by the time I pay shipping and handling,it would be as cheap to just go buy one from the store.

But now that I know how I can kinda rig this trap up to work,I am going to try with it some more,but if I don't have any luck,I found a lady that has a nice big trap and she told me I could use it anytime I needed to.
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Surviving school? Are exams over yet?
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Originally Posted by LDG
Surviving school? Are exams over yet?
LOL.Yeah I been out a couple of weeks now,but I am still at school once or twice a week cause we got a spay/neuter grant for the county and our vet at school is doing some of the surgeries and a couple of us students are going over to help.The way I see it,I need all the experience I can get.

It is so nice knowing I don't have homework to do when I get home now though.LOL.In a couple of weeks I am taking one of my basic courses.It is only for 6 weeks,and is twice a week,but the class is like 3hrs and 20 min long.Ugh.I will go nuts.LOL.

Then in August,I start back full time again.

But hey,I survived my first year in college.Woohoo.LOL.
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Originally Posted by vettechstudent
But hey,I survived my first year in college.Woohoo.LOL.
Way to go& congrats! I think it's great you're working with the vet - experience is the best teacher. I really applaud all the work you've managed to do with the strays and ferals of the area, despite the pressure of studies & exams too. There's lots of cats out there VERY grateful (though they'll rarely let YOU know, LOL!) that you're there for them.
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