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Well,I have the trap set for the third night now.
Friday night it was untouched.
Last night the food was gone,but no cat..I guess it didn't step on the flap thingie to activate the door to shut.
Just now I looked out and saw a fuzzy young looking white/grey tabby cat standing in front of the cage.This is NOT the cat I saw the other day that I think was the momma cat.
I backed away slowly and hope I didn't scare it off.
Darn it,I set the trap for one particular cat,now I have them coming out of the woodwork.Maybe there are more ferals than I think around here,or maybe it is an owned cat(crossing fingers here.lol.,but hoping it is a male cause I can definately get him done at school..and then I can act like I know nothing.LOL)

Just wanted to update that I have not caught the wanted momma yet..nor have I seen her,but hopefully I can catch the kitty that is nosing around outside as I type this.

I really need a bigger trap.The one I have is kinda small.I have been watching ebay for a good cheap bigger one.
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Ok.This is just great.I looked out again just now and there is a DIFFERENT cat sitting IN the trap eating.They are not stepping on the flap thing.Darn,I really need a bigger cage and NOW.LOL.
This one I am pretty sure is a female.It is a dilute tortie(I think)
This could possibly be the same cat I saw the other day,but I am not sure.
Heck I am not sure of anything anymore.I just cannot believe this.

I would probably say that both these are feral because my other cats were making noise in the house and this one acted VERY nervous(looking around making sure nothing was there...I didn't stick around long on the other one to see how it acted..I just moved so maybe I wouldn't scare it.)

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I had that same problem with a short trap I bought by mistake. It was useless. The long traps work really.

It must be quite a surprise to see so many cats you never knew were there!
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It is amazing how they come out of the woodwork! For us it started with what we thought were three kittens (turned out to be five) - which led to 28 cats, I think, by the time we had no new ones turning up at the feeders. We might have been spaying or neutering the neighbors kitties as well - but "oooops!"
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Oh my , what a bummer with the trap . I just want to wish you luck traping the mom cat .
I would be afraid traping around my place , I know there are many cat around not spayed/neuter from the neighbors In fact there is the one torties cat maybe 8 month old now and I pet her the other day and I felt the nipples a little swollen and she had a little belly . So I think she is pregnant . I talk to the neighbors 3 times that she needs to get spayed
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Hedi...is there a way that you can contact a feral cat group to assist you with the issue in your neighborhood?. They should be able to give you suggestions on how to work with your neighbors to get their cats spayed/neutered.

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The sad thing is , that where I live there is no feral group . Just privat people may here and there take care of some "wild" ( feral ) cats . I don't have the fund to do it myself . Here are to many people just taking dogs and cats in and then dump them when they leave or when pregnant . My friend Iris is a dog person , but also has some cats and is taking care of a small feral colony ( only feeding them ) She was just fostering a femal dog and has now adopted her from the shelter . That dog was thrown out of a driving car and not even to slow down some , there were eye wittnesses seeing that , right by the street where the shelter is . People are just so sick in their heads . That poor dog was not even 2 years old , she was lucky she had only bruses and a broken rip I believe . Her belly was so swollen that they thought she was pregnant , turnt out she was full of worms and also had heartworms .And I could go on with story's
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