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It's all my fault! Help!

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I can't say that I didn't think putting a litter box in my bed with us my kitty's 1st night might be a bad idea (because I did) Thought, "well I'll just do it this once as I'm not sure if he can get up and down from bed" Bad, Bad idea! He has gone 4 times in the spot where I had the litter box! I don't want to sleep w/ a litter box, just my kitty! lol

I have read over all the suggestions about going outstide the box, but I think I have a different problem and feel like maybe I should just not let him sleep w/me until he gets used to going only in his box.
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Has he used the box at all or is he just using your bed?
Maybe you could try like a person does when potty training a puppy only put him in his box every so often till he goes in there. or if you see him on the bed pick him up and put him in the box.
He could also still be using the bed because it has his scent on it...thats all I can think of, good luck!
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You have definitely started a pattern of behavior that needs to be stopped immediately. The best thing you can do is when feeding this cat, confine him to your bathroom with food, water and litter pan (not close to each other) until he has used the pan, then let him out.

Make sure that you get the urine out of the bedclothes by ordering the product found on this website:


It is an enzyme breakdown that will successfully get rid of the urine completely.
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Taking him to Veterinarian: He is urinating all over house and have seen him straining at least 4 times now w/ nothing at all coming out. He is so young for urinary problems, I can't wait to see what the Doctor has to say!
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They are never to young for UTI those hit at any age. Let us know what the vet says.
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