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I have just recently adopted two cats age 6 months and they are slowly getting used to their new home. I have set up a safe room for them but I catch them clawing at the carpet and not using their scratching post. How do I get them to use the post instead of shredding my carpet?
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Well, you can try clapping really loud and saying a firm no. Most cats respond to this when done every time. Then you just have to use the firm no. The other way to train them, is when they start scratching, pick them up and take them to the post. Extend their claws and show them how to use the post. Its going to take a little patience and time, but they will get the idea. Also maybe use some feliway or catnip to put on the post.
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Also, different cats like different scratching posts.

You may need to look into material and location. It's best to put the post next to where they sleep - most cats like to scratch just after they wake up. What's your current post made of? Cats can be pretty choosy about the type of scratching post they prefer.

Basically, I think you need to get a post that is acceptable to them before you can tell them not to scratch the furniture.
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I have put the post in the safe room but they seem to spend more time in my room then in their room. It is made of the same carpet I have throughout the house and has some thick rope covering a little bit of each post. Should I put it somewhere else? Next to my bed maybe?
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Definatly, I would put it where they spend most of their time. Beleive it or not, I have 1 large tree and 2 small posts, so I spread them out. Clawing is something they do as part of their grooming routine. It helps to shed the dead nails. The best places to put them is where they eat and where they sleep. I hope the training is going okay!!
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