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Weirdest experience in a long time....

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Well, today I had what perhaps can be said to be the most undesirable, yet curious and strangest experience any Puerto Rican can have.... finding yourself trapped in a political campaign activity.

I was at the mall today a few hours ago when I came across at the food court a lot of noise and music and a lot of people congregated around it on the other side of the hallway and I went to get near to try to see what on earth was going on.... they were moving across the mall with a lot of noise and partying and I got across the people until I found the big letterhead that they are carrying on front. "AnÃ:censor:bal", it read. At that point I realize this is an activity of the Popular Democratic Party for their candidate for governor and current resident commisioner (A form of non voting delegate PR has in Congress), AnÃ:censor:bal Acevedo Vilá.

By the time they go out the door I see that on front of the multitude there is a bunch of photographers and I think "Who have they got that attracts so much attention?" So I went behind and got to the front and I saw it all. They had a bigwig allright.... AnÃ:censor:bal himself, Willie Miranda MarÃ:censor:n (The mayor and one of the head honchos of the party), and some guy there who I never heard of who is running for the legislature.

That is the point where I wanted to get away and go back to the shopping I was doing and find my mom, when they stopped around me and there were too many people to get out of there... so I stuck around a few minutes... I don't know I had a lot of curiosity about what was going on and stuck around a while.

They stopped and even started to dance a bit, they even had musicians and dancers! Chanting the motto "Revolución Positiva" (Positive Revolution). At that point I found myself on front of the whole parade with AnÃ:censor:bal on front of me surrounded by a lot of his party staff. That's when the thought hits you "This bald and short statured guy is one of the most powerful men in the island and if they give him half the chance he will be the next governor".

At that point it started moving again and they started shaking hands with everyone... and I happened to be one of the people nearest to them and he shaked hands with me and said "Gusto Saludarte" (Pleased to meet you) with a big grin that would be perfect for eating a corn on the cob. I did not know what to do so I just smiled and hello... just behind also shaked hands the two other candidates that were with him, and at that point I just thought I had spent enough time with these jokers.... so I stepped aside at first chance and got away from the whole party.

When I found my mom in the Walgreens she was going nuts trying to find me... the joke was "gets missing and when we find him he's been with the Resident Commisioner"

Man... I think my parents and my friends are going to be reminding this to for a long time.... I don't know... it makes me laugh too... guess its just a funny experience . I think I am going to have to mention this when I write my memoirs...
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Victor..they must have instinctively known you were a real political junkie!

Smile like an ear of corn!!!! Love it!

When you write your memoirs Victor, I want a copy...FREE!
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We are also having elections next month. I was in the vet with my girls for their grooming and while waiting my turn, the clinic is suddenly invaded by people wearing same t-shirts and caps, giving out flyers and campaigning for a candidate for city council. The candidate himself comes in later and starts shaking hands with everybody. I was so very tempted to give him Joji so she could give him her paw!
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