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Dawn...or any other Christians who want to view this

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Dawn....I heard from the website I ordered your cd from....they said you would get it by the end of the week!

If any one is curious, and I hope you are.....I ordered Dawn a copy of The 2nd Chapter of Acts, cd, "The Mansion Builder"

When I was about 15, (20 years ago) and going through a tough time in my life....my brother, who was then also in a contemporary Christian music band, and toured the country, sent me a record...(yes, record... ) of this group....it had such an impact on my life!!!!!!!

I remember listening to this record, over and over, and feeling the power of God.
This was back in the mid to late 70's, mind you....but this group...2nd Chapter of acts....went on and on, till the late 80's.
The cd I am sending Dawn,(Mansion Builder) is one of the first they made....they are all brother and sisters.
There story is incredable!!!
So I want to share it here with you...and if noone else wants to check it out, that's okay....but Dawn....I hope you will, since you are the one I sent their Cd to, the one that helped me out through some rough times. I thought you might like to read their story....
here is the website...

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Thank you Debby! I'll check out that site first thing this morning. And thank you again for the CD. I'm really looking forward to hearing it.
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Dawn; I am familar with this group (The 2nd Chapter of Acts) that Debby speaks of. They are a very "spirit filled" talented family with an excellent message. I have heard the CD she refers to. Like her; I heard it when it was a record and I have a cassette tape of it. It will touch you!

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Thank you for sharing the website.
I have heard of The 2nd Chapter of Acts but I never bought any of their music..
I remember buying albums years ago at the Christian book store here in my town..(I'm not that old) :LOL: My favorite was Keith Green..
I was just at the bookstore a few weeks ago and there's so many new artist I never heard of.
Have you read "The Left Behind" series by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins?

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Loretta - I've been reading that series since it came out. I really enjoy it, but I hate that it's in separate books. I get tired of waiting for the next one to be released. I really like "The Third Millennium" and "The Fourth Millennium" (can't remember the author), which are about the same subject, but the whole apocalypse is covered in the first book, which is really nice.
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I know what you mean about waiting for the next edition to come out. I would read it in a couple of days. Then have to wait almost 9 months for the next book.
Have you seen the movie Left Behind?
I rented it from the book store. I think they did a good job making the movie but like the book, we have to wait for them to come out with the next chapter..

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Loretta, Dawn, Debby; I was up really late (or early, depending on how you look at it), last week and got in on a movie at TBN called The Moment After. I had not heard of it before. It is relatively new. It was excellent. Have you seen it? I want my church to get on a list to rent it or else buy it. You can preview it at www.themomentafter.com if you're interested. I won't go into detail here, but it deals with two FBI agents who are sent to investigate eye-witness reports from people who were left behind after The Rapture of the Church.
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My sister often speaks of watching TBN where she lives in WA.
Unfortunately the cable co. here doesn't pick up that station.
I will check out site, seems interesting.
I do however watch the 700 Club and on Sunday nights I watch Lakewood Church. Every time the pastor talks on a subject. It's like it was directed towards me...

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Guys...I have never read the Left Behind series, or seen the movie, but this is something I will have to check into! And Darlene...I will definately check into the movie you are talking about as well!!

Since some of you are older than me....I wonder if any of you remember a gospel singing group that toured America from about the mid 70's to the late 80's called The Gospel Couriers.
It is doubtful that you have, as they weren't as famous as alot of gospel groups...but they did have quite a following at one time, and used to perform sometimes on the 700 club, and made many records and cassettes.
The reason I am asking was because my brother was the founder, (I guess thats what you'd call it, he started the group) and lead singer, and piano player of the group.
I remember when I was 15, (20 years ago... ) I got to travel around with him for a month that summer....on their tour bus...and it was SO cool!!!!! They had some awesome music!!!!!!!!!! (not to mention alot of good looking guys in the band!
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So I take it noone has heard of them? Did you get your CD yet, Dawn?
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I have never heard of the group, The Gospel Couriers...
I know you will like reading The Left Behind series.
I don't have the first book anymore but I do have the other copies of the series.
If your interested I would be more then happy to send them to you.

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Debby - I haven't gotten the CD yet, maybe today. Also, I haven't heard of that group, but I've only recently started listening to Christian music, so that's probably why. I can't wait for the CD to come!!
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I can honestly say that the Left Behind Series is much better than read than to watch any of the movies! The movies just can't touch the books! There is this one band that I love and they're called Third Day ...they rock!

Love, Peace &
PS...pretty exciting entrance to Heaven ...I'm sure it doesn't even come close!

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Beautiful picture, Catarina!! I like the names in the stones!!!
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Hiya Deb :angel2::daisy:

It's funny you should mention that; that's one of the main reason's why I chose that one. Then I thought about it...and said "God probably has everyone's name in stones if they get there" I guess?????? Sounds kinda silly but, I don't think he'd put one person above another...just like there shouldn't be a list of respeceted members here...All members should be respected. I'm not playing my words on that either.

Sometimes I see that posted and it just doesn't sit right...maybe the person(s) aren't thinking of what they're saying at the moment...but no one here has a higher authority on this site than another. We are all members here; Anne's guests.

Love & Peace
This is a very cool website, it has a short read on it and I know you would truly enjoy it

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I got the CD today, just now in the mail! I'm going to give it a listen, and then I'll let you know what I think. I've already read the words of the songs on the CD jacket, and I just know I'm going to love it!
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Hello everyone! Debby, I loved reading about 2nd Chapter of Acts. I'm sure I've listened to them because that time period is when I was really getting into Christian music. Anyone remember Mike Warnke? He was a Christian comedian...really a stitch! and inspiring! Of course I loved Phil Keaggy.

We recently (July 3) got a GREAT new contemporary Christian radio station here in Cleveland. It's called "The Fish". They began broadcasting with "40 Days and 40 Nights" of absolutely commercial free Christian music. AWESOME! 24/7 of great tunes! They play everything (except Christian Country, which I have to talk to them about! LOL).

Well, I'm new to the site, but it's wonderful to find people like all of you who share my ideas--Christ and cats...who could want for more in life? LOL I know, I should have some of those smileys in here for emphasis. But I'm so new at this that it takes me FOREVER to get them in place...and I want to write too much!

I'll STOP now! I only have computer time at work, but I sneak on the Cat Site as much as time permits. I want to work on some poetry for the Paws and Reflect forum.

Blessings and Meows!
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Topaz....Mike Warnke sounds really familiar to me, I have probably heard him in the past! Your new christian radio station sounds awesome!!! I am glad you have joined us here, on the catsite!

Dawn....I'm glad to hear you got the CD, I like the whole Cd, but most of my favorites are in the last half of the cd....although I really do love #3, too! Okay....I LOVE them all!
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Debby - I listened to the CD, and it's great! My favorite song is #2, the one called Mansion Builder. Thank you so much for this very thoughtful gift. I'll think of you whenever I listen to it!
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Did you really like it? It really means alot to me that you do! And I was also wondering why you hadn't answered my e-mail to you, about a problem I am having here....I was afraid you didn't want to reply, or thought I had done something wrong in this situation. Did you get the e-mail?
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