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Mother cat behavior

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We have a cat that 2 weeks ago had a litter of two very healthy kittens. For the past several days the mother will go on crying for hours on end as if she wants something and we do not know what it is. She can go out whenever she wants, has all the food and water she wants. The one thing we can do to calm her down is to rub her stomach, but when we stop she will ususally go on crying again. Anyone have any ideas?
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Two words from me- vet visit. Just to be safe, as this is a new behavior from what you say. I also would like to suggest you NOT let her outside, because she could become pregnant again. Once the kittens are weaned, please get her spayed as well. But I would take her to the vet for a check-up if she were mine, and the kittens too, as most vets would like to see the whole family.
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My bet is that she is either in heat again or that her mamary glands are infected. Either way, she needs to be seen by the vet as soon as possible.
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If your cat and kittens are healthy... eating, feeding, drinking, using the liter box, don't appear to be in pain.....
Did something recently get moved from the kitty bed?
Did something change while she was out?
I had the same thing happen and I believe it was caused by me changing her bedding... she could then smell her kittens in another room... and got upset about it... If you change her bedding, I suggest removing it and washing it right away so she doesn't have time to smell her kittens anywhere else...
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I agree that she should be kept indoors until she is fixed. It probably would help to have her see a vet asap.

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Thanks for the responses. Wolfcat is exactly right. This behavior only happened after we changed her bedding, and as soon as we put the old bedding (temporarily) back in with the kittens, she mellowed out.

I realize it's the safe thing to do to recommend taking a pet to the vet for any problem, but I'm surprised that all but one of the responses insisted on a vet visit.
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