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Leaps and Bounds

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Lily has been with us for a three days now and for the first couple would barely leave my side. She's eating well and seems quite confident in the rooms we allow her in. She uses her litter tray. Since she is still confined to barracks shes getting plenty of attention and cuddles.

Sometimes when she is on my lap and I stop stroking she puts out her claws to get me to carry on. At this point I pick her up and put her down and ignore her.

Am I doing right?

We have play time mainly with balls up and down the stairs and in the hall. Yesterday morning we had been playing for around half an hour and I sat down. She them jumped at me from behind - no claws - jumped down. This happened a couple of times. We had another session in the early evening, before our meal. Afterwards we sat down to watch T.V. and she jumped at me again and certainly wanted to play again. I put her in her room at this point.

Again am I doing right?

I realise that she will need a lot of entertaining and reassurance during this period, but I want it to be on my terms.
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I wouldn't worry. Cats are sometimes like us, they want attention alot (when they're not sleep . My cat only annoys us when we are immersed in doing something else and we just rub her head and carry on about our business. She doesn't seem bothered she just sits down and waits.
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It sounds to me as if you are handling the behavior very well. We never want to reinforce behaviors that might be problematic in the future, so putting her down (or ignoring her) when she is naughty is just the right thing to do.
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