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My husband and Tipsy play this game together with one of those small rubber balls - He throws it on the hardwood floor and Tipsy runs around after it - it is quite funny. he is trying to teach Tipsy to bring it back to him after he has thrown it.
You must know that I AM NOT ALLOWED to play this game with him - as "this is my game with Tipsy" says my husband.

Anyway - I just got back from the store and I bought some more (as they all get lost somewhere in the house and we all know what thats like)

Anyway Tipsy discovered them in my handbag and was trying to get them out. His head was sticking right inside the handbag as with one paw - the handback ended up on the floor with all contents spread all over the kitchen - but he did get to those rubber balls!!!

I took some photos of it - but alas I didnt take them on my digital camera .