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has anyone tried this brand of makeup?

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Bare Escentuals? Someone at work really likes it and says it's not heavy like a foundation.... This is one reason why I kind of quit wearing foundations & poweders, it made my face feel cakey and dirty. It's a bit expensive, but Ebay has good prices on it, and ULTA has a sale going on where you get so much for $40.00, plus I have a $3.50 off coupon.
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I haven't tried that, but I would reccommend possibly a tinted moisturizer. I HATE wearing make-up that I can feel on and I use Clinique City Block Tinted Moisturizer. It is just a tinted moisturizer and as a plus has SPF 15 it costs about $16.50. I usually use a little loose powder over top of it and I can't feel it on at all.

If you need the coverage Clinique also makes a very sheer foundation called "Almost Makeup". It costs about $19.00, I just bought this one last week, so far I have liked it. It has a very sheer coverage.

I also like Mac products and they make a tinted moisturizer as well. I haven't tried it though.
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I use Merle Norman , I read some place they don't do testing on animals . Please corect me if I am wrong .
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I bought some of this when they had it on QVC as a todays special, it was a kit and I really like it. I bought some extra foundation for my daughter who rarely wears makeup and it works good for her, its light and she doesnt look really made up with it on.
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I went to Ulta and bought the kit. I tried some on when I got home, and so far so good. I bought an eye shadow & blush, too. A bit expensive, but I have heard it is supposed to last a long time! The brushes are expensive, too! Ebay, though has quite a bit of auctions with some good prices, though.
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I use Bare Escentials when I do a full makeup job. I LOVE it! It doesn't feel heavy and it doesn't make my face break out. I bought lots of the little sample off eBay and a full kit at Ulta so I have lots of stuff to play with. The most important part, though, it to get a good set of brushes. Regular makeup brushes can be irritating when you do Bare Escentials properly.
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Love it - love it - won't use anything else
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