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4 at a time!

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Imagine my surprise when I saw three little heads poking out from under my shed!
Off to get a trap, and caught all 3 kittens AND momma in one afternoon. 4 feral cats in the bedroom.
The kittens, among the prettiest I've seen, tamed very nicely and were all adopted at their first adoption day. I had two people arguing over them.
Mommacat has not tamed well enough to be adopted, so she will stay here with her last year's kitten who I trapped earlier in the the year and who was also totally wild.

Aren't they adorable? I cried all afternoon the day they were adopted.

"Cindy Lou Who"

Last year's "kitten", my big boy Owen!
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OMG! They really are adorable! Bravo to you for finding homes for these little wild kittens.

I am assuming that you had momma cat and last year's kittens spayed?
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Patc....wonderful that you trapped all 4 and that the 3 kittens went into homes.

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am assuming that you had momma cat and last year's kittens spayed?
Mommacat is still living with me, and last year's kitten (now a huge hulk) is lying on my lap at the moment, impeding my typing. And yes, they are all s/n.

Mama, a.k.a "Emme" - she is the best mother I ever saw, even to kittens not her own. She just doesn't care for people and can never be adopted out.
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They are all beautiful !!!!!

Even though they were adopted out they all went to good homes, sad it is to see them go, they will be happier now then in the wild.

Keep up the great work.
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Emme is beautiful! She is so lucky to have found you.
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Emme really is beautiful. I agree with Renae - she's quite lucky to have found you. Thanks for sharing this lovely story.
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