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Kiki, my cat

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I have a 8 year old siamese/ally cat mix. She is overweight (16 pounds) and recently was diagnosed with asthma. I have been giving her inhalers and pretizone as directed by the vet yet she seems to be having some unexplained behavioral problems. She sometimes hisses for no reason and growls. I wonder if it because she cannot seem to groom herself correctly and maybe gets annoyed?? I just had her professionally groomed and she does not seem to have any knots or any other health problems. She was just tested for everything. Anyone have any advice??? Please the vet has no answers. Thanks!!!!!!
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When she hisses and growls are you touching her or does she do this even when she is alone? Please give us more information about what is happening around her when she hisses and growls.

I don't know what kind of inhalers are used with cats, but the inhalers used with people can cause psychotic symptoms (hallucinations or delusions) if used too much. Perhaps she is over medicated????? (This is just a wild guess.)

I am assuming that she is on a diet?
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Hey Amy...I'm sure that some people who post here will have advice...but you may want to post this question on this forum as well:


Good Luck,

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Hey, she is on inhalers everyday twice a day. One contains cortizone. She usually has this behavior alone. Maybe she is overmedicated.And yes she is on a diet. I feed her PHSD MD formula. The vet told me 5/8 a cup a day. Thank you so much, let me know if you have any other info. Amy
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Oh, and also they are human inhalers, Flovert and Albuterol. Two puffs each, twice daily.
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One of the cats I owned in the past was diagnosed with asthma when she was 11 years old. The vet treated my cat's asthma symptoms with predisone also. We started with a high dose, and then gradually decreased it. For the maintenance dose, we determined the lowest dosage of predisone possible that would still effectively control my cat's systems. Is this the procedure your vet is following?
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Yes Lorie they started her on a high dose. One and a half pills a day for two weeks, one pill for two weeks, and one pill every other day. She is now on the last two weeks. Also advised to give her the inhalers twice daily. I stopped using the inhalers yesterday. She had another spell last night. Hissed at herself. Just tried to comfort her and she was fine.
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