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Chicken pox
Mosqutio Bites
Poison Ivy
Poison Oak

Name five female Hebrew names
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VNG what's the next question?
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Sorry about that Hissy!
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Name 5 foods that would totally convince you to go off your diet
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Cheese cake
Chocolate Mousse
Tony Roma's ribs

Name 5 things you dislike about your town/city
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No snow
No good pizza

Name 5 movie actors who began in television
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Ryan O'Neal
Tuesday Weld
John Travolta
Goldie Hawn
Clint Eastwood

Name 5 Elvis Presley MOVIES.
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Love me tender
Stay away Joe
GI Blues
Loving you
Blue Hawaii

Name 5 tire manufacturers
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BF Goodrich

Forgot: Name 5 brands of Hair Spray
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Aqua Net
White Rain
Salon Selectives
Vidal Sassoon

Name five characters, played by John Wayne.
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Ted Hayden, aka Gat Ganns
Duke Hudkins
Steve Aloysius Williams
Craig McCoy
Captain John Holmes

What 5 things really make you go, "Eeww, eeww, EEEWW!"
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Hearing people who snort back mucus!.
People standing next to me who smell.
Dirty Hair, fingernails etc..
People who don't flush the toilet after them.

Name 5 things that make you so mad you could lash out and not care what the outcome was.
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Cruelty to children
Cruelty to animals
People lying for their own personal gain
Wasteful spending
People being rude to folks who aren't like them

Name 5 things, aside from cats and spouse, that you see when you first wake up.
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Hee hee, I don't see a whole lot until I put on my glasses but then

Clock Radio
Cat hair on my pillow (sounds like a song title LOL)
Garden out the window

Name 5 things you'd make up so you didn't have to go work that day.
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I'm sick. (Once every 5 years. usually a problem with my eyes...I just can't see going in that day.)

My wife is sick. (HAH...onery people never get sick)

The Kids are sick. (That meant we were all going to 6 Flags or Disneyland for the day)

Car Trouble. (See below)

Something in the house broke, and have to wait for a plumber, electrician, etc. (see below)

(Since I'm the car mechanic, plumber, electrician none of the above applies.)

Name 5 reasons cats are better family members than dogs. I mean no offense to dog owners. We have 2.
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Cats are self reliant - you can leave an open bag of kibble, and a tap running, and they are happy.

Cats don't have to be taken for a walk

Cats are more flexible, they can bend to accomodate any body shape as a pillow

Most cats can't meow as loud as a dog barks

Cats can climb walls. I am not sure if this is really an advantage, but they sure look cute doing it.

Name your 5 top vacation spots.
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In no particular order.

Manhattan, New York
Key West, Florida
New Orleans, Louisiana

Name Five reasons cats are better than men in relationships! (No offense guys! Luckily my husband isn't looking over my shoulder!)
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Cats don't talk back. Oh, no, mine do....
Cats take out the garbage. Or, no, cats make garbage, I have to take it out.
Cats eat whatever you put in front of them. Hmmm, no, wrong again.
Cats offer unconditional love. Unless, you know, they are in one of their moods.
Cats don't leave hair allover the place?

This is tough. I can't think of any.

Cats do keep me warm at night, and greet me in the morning, even if it is to yell at me about the desperate lack of food.

Someone else will have to think of the 5 things.
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5 signs it's time to clean your fridge:

You walk by it and it salutes you
You open it and it immediately says "sorry, I had a busy week"
You ignore it and it complains you are never home
You fill it and it says "not tonight I have a full box of borax in here"
You come home and there is a mushroom cloud in your living room

Ok, now: 5 signs it's time for a new President
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OK, well I can do the reasons why Cats are Better than Men....

Cats actually make you feel better when you have a headache.
Cats never leave the seat up (Although that's not a problem in my house!) or the lights on in every room in the house.
Cats don't bring up the other cats in your life before from they met you.
Cats don't expect you to spend the same amount of money on them as you do on yourself.
Cats are pretty much always happy to see you when you come home....well, Trent is anyway.

Now I'll defer to Marge's question (which I didn't want to answer anyway....)

5 signs it's time for a new President.
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Ok since no one is biting and I am in a bad mood about him:

Top 5 signs We need a new president:

5> He just appointed Deputy Dog to run the transition of Iraq cause "This guy gets stuff done"

4> His idea of conservation is keeping the opened beers in the fridge even AFTER they go flat

3> He now wants to unilaterally invade 7-11's due to it's appalling
"less than fresh cheese spread"

2> His back is going out due to excessive strutting

1> He's claiming that the Tahitian island of Debuko is harbouring weapons of mass destruction in the form of one mean Mai Tai

Ok, now name 5 great and sexy movie stars who are over 50
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Sean Connery
Alan Rickman
Diane Keaton
Jack Nicholson
Sophia Loren

Name 5 constellations
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name 5 Sting songs
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If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
Fields of Gold
When We Dance
Englishman in New York
Be Still My Beating Heart

No fair!! Marge stole my question!

Name 5 states that seceded from the Union during the War Between the States (Civil War)
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North Carolina
South Carolina

Name five movie detectives.
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Hercule Peroit (Murder on Orient Express)
Tony Roma (Sinatra played him)
Marge Gunderson (Fargo)
Sam Spade (Maltese Falcon)
Columbo (well TV movies...)

name 5 Movies that won Best Motion Picture Oscars
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The Godfather
The Godfather, part II
Forest Gump
Shakespeare in Love
Lord of the Rings, Return of the King (Although I don't agree!)

I loved the President answers!

Name five things that you would never, ever eat (Even if you were starving)
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Macaroni and cheese
Recess peanut butter cereal

Name 5 of your favorite Authors
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Stephen King
V.C. Andrews
Anne Rice
Beverly Lewis
Judy Blume

Name 5 Charactors from Finding Nemo
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Name 5 types of plant life that exists in a rainforest
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